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📖 Step By Step Guide to your Dream Dome 🛠

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Browse our Glamping Brochure! - Our Guide to Glamping. 

Phoenix Domes Brochure


Setup Instructions and Diagrams

Domes & Packages:

    • Assembling Your Phoenix Dome Instructional Video


    Glamping Package Add-Ons:


    GeoDome Add-Ons:


    Hybrid Glass Panorama Window and Skylights:



    Instructions et Diagrammes en Français:


      Platform Plans

      We have worked out detailed plans to build exact fit platforms as a courtesy to our customers. 

      Please note that these are a complimentary gift and suggestion to save you time, not a product we sell. It is up to each customer to satisfy local building codes and requirements, and modifications and/or upgrades may be required depending on local codes, site specific details, slope, etc. 

      We do not assume any liability for any issues arising from a platform build. 

      We supply free materials/cut lists with the purchase of a dome in our common sizes, please let your sales rep know. 

      Please read the following document before planning your platform build for best practices. 

      Platform Build Instructions and Info

      General Platform Plans: 


      Sample Floorplans

      Here are a few ideas of how you can lay out the inside of your Dome in regards to furniture, washrooms, kitchenettes, lofts, etc. 

      Patio Domes:


      Glamping Tents:



        Canadian-Made Saunas & Sauna Heaters:

        Saunas & Hot Tubs: