The Foundation

Phoenix Domes originated from a spark of inspiration and a keen sense of opportunity by Freyja, a visionary entrepreneur with a passion for creating beautiful, innovative spaces. 

Transitioning from the end of her previous venture, sustainable clothing company MahaDevi Design, Freyja envisioned renting glamping domes for a unique experience on her hobby farm. The overwhelming interest from a simple Facebook post led to the birth of Phoenix Domes, filling a niche in the market and setting the stage for a revolutionary approach to sustainable living and creative spaces.

The Journey from Vision to Reality

Personal Beginnings and Creative Aspirations

Freyja's journey started with dreams of architecture, morphing through experiences in dance, circus, and clothing design, to a fascination with domes. Her creative quest led her to construct an aerial circus dome from scratch, an endeavor that set the foundation for what is now Phoenix Domes. Cutting electric conduit pipes with an angle grinder, flattening them with a floor jack against the underside of a mobile home, and drilling them… It was a journey, but this dome still stands proud today. Freyja's love for beautiful spaces and creative problem-solving became the cornerstone of Phoenix Domes, always aiming to innovate and enhance customer experiences through design upgrades and new features.

Challenges and Triumphs

Every venture has its hurdles, and Phoenix Domes was no exception. From quality control issues to logistical mishaps, Freyja faced numerous challenges but remained steadfast in her commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. These experiences shaped the resilience and adaptability of Phoenix Domes, ensuring a relentless pursuit of quality and innovation.

Growth and Evolution

Over the years, Phoenix Domes has become an industry leader for  innovation and adaptability. The pandemic, while challenging, highlighted the versatility and necessity of Phoenix Domes, propelling the brand into new heights of success and recognition. Through detailed engineering reports, 3D designs, and unique structures, Phoenix Domes continues to lead in the creation of spaces that inspire and uplift.



Memorable Projects and Creative Solutions

One of the most poignant stories in the Phoenix Domes journey involves creating a Dance Retreat space for a friend on a mountaintop. Opting for a Phoenix Dome over cheaper alternatives, the project exemplified the brand's commitment to durability, aesthetics, and community. This Zome, a testament to Phoenix Domes' quality and innovation, stands as a space for sold-out retreats and workshops, embodying the spirit of creativity and connection.

Contributions to Society and Sustainability

Phoenix Domes extends its impact beyond architecture, contributing to community and environmental sustainability. Phoenix domes is located on Phoenix Farm, Salt Spring Island, a legacy project dedicated to healing deforested land and creating a permaculture food forest for generations to come. 

In partnership with One Tree Planted, Phoenix Domes aids in global reforestation, emphasizing the importance of sustainable living and communal spaces. This commitment to social and environmental responsibility underscores Phoenix Domes' vision of transforming and healing the world through innovative, sustainable living solutions.

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