Phoenix Domes Affiliate Program


Become a Phoenix Domes Affiliate!

Earn While Sharing Your Dome Experience

Welcome to the Phoenix Domes Affiliate Program! This initiative is designed to reward our valued customers for their loyalty and enthusiasm. By becoming an affiliate, you can earn a 5% commission on referrals. If you've enjoyed your Phoenix Dome, this is a fantastic opportunity to share your experience and make some extra money. 

Imagine being rewarded just for talking about something you love! Whether you are a passionate dome owner or simply someone who believes in our products, this program is for you.

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How to Get Started and Earn Commissions

Eligibility: The affiliate program is open to all existing customers who have purchased a Phoenix Dome.

Referral Process:

  • New Contacts Only: The referred customer must not have previously contacted or been contacted by Phoenix Domes.
  • Notification: Inform us of the referral at the start of the sales conversation. If you know someone interested in a dome, send us a note with their name and ensure they mention your referral.
  • Introductory Email: You can also copy Phoenix Domes and the potential customer in an introductory email to simplify the process.

Commission Payment:

  • Invoice Requirement: After the sale closes, you will need to invoice us for the commission payout to maintain clear records. If you don’t have an invoice template, we can provide one. We will process the commission payment within 14 days of the sale closure.
  • Showcasing Domes: If a customer already in contact with Phoenix Domes wishes to see a dome before making a decision, we offer a commission equivalent to one night's rental of your dome if they decide to buy. For non-renters, we provide an equivalent payment based on the average nightly rental rate, usually between $150-350, though it can be higher for luxury domes. 
Phoenix Domes Affiliate Program


Partner with Us as a Non-Customer Affiliate

Join Us: If you’re not an existing customer but are a blogger, travel writer, social media influencer, construction company, contractor, or seller of related products, we’d love to hear from you. Our affiliate program is open to professionals who can help promote Phoenix Domes to a wider audience.

How to Apply: Contact us with your portfolio and relevant experience. We will review your submission and, if it aligns with our brand values and goals, set you up as an affiliate in our system.

Benefits: Joining our program allows you to leverage your platform to earn commissions by promoting Phoenix Domes. You’ll provide valuable information and products to your followers or clients, enhancing their experience and satisfaction. This partnership is a win-win, offering you financial rewards while helping us reach more people who can benefit from our innovative dome solutions.

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