Photo Galleries

Exterior Dome Gallery

Exterior Dome Gallery

Explore our Exterior Dome Photo Gallery to see how aesthetics and utility blend seamlessly in these distinctive outdoor structures.

16'/5m Glamping Domes

16'/5m Glamping Domes

Explore the 16'/5m Dome Gallery, featuring efficient layouts that serve as private studios, home offices, or cozy retreats for individuals and couples.

20'/6m Glamping Domes

The 20'/6m Dome Gallery presents versatile living spaces that cater to dynamic lifestyles, ideal for couples needing functionality and style.

23'/7m Phoenix Dome

23'/7m Glamping Domes

View our 23'/7m Dome Gallery, illustrating well-appointed family spaces with room for entertainment, rest, and play in a harmonious setting.

26'/8m Glamping Domes

Our 26'/8m Dome Gallery displays expansive and luxurious interiors that accommodate larger families or groups, with elegant and practical designs.

30'/9m Phoenix Domes

30'/9m Glamping Domes

Discover the 30'/9m Dome Gallery where spacious living meets refined design, showcasing full-size homes with multiple rooms and functional elegance.

33'/10m Glamping Domes

33'/10m Glamping Domes

Explore the 33'/10m Dome Gallery, ideal for yoga retreats, events, or large residences, where spacious living meets refined design with multiple rooms and practical elegance.

Glass Domes

Glass Domes

These domes feature elegant, transparent tempered glass, superior thermal efficiency, and customizable privacy options, blending modern design with spacious living.

Clear PVC Domes

Clear PVC Domes

Clear PVC Domes, perfect for events, patios, greenhouses, and more. Transparent, durable PVC construction, blending outdoor charm with practical design.

Hybrid/PVC Domes

Hybrid/PVC Domes

Perfect for style and functionality, these domes combine affordable PVC covers with elegant glass elements, offering unmatched durability and insulation.

Hard Panel Domes

Hard Panel Domes

Hard panel domes offer unmatched durability and insulation. Constructed with precision-welded aluminum frames and high-quality panels.

Zomes by Phoenix Domes


Zomes combine geometric elegance with structural strength. Crafted with high-quality materials, Zomes provide a modern solution for creative and practical uses.

Glamping Tents

Crafted for durability and comfort with a blend of style and practicality, these tents enhance any outdoor adventure, offering a unique and memorable experience.


Ideal for backyard relaxation or retreats, our saunas, crafted from sustainably sourced Canadian Cedar, provide durability, quality, and a natural aesthetic. 

Hot Tubs, Cold Plunges & Outdoor Showers

Add to your glamping experience, with cedar hot tubs, cold plunges and outdoor showers. Made in Canada.

Awning Gallery Phoenix Domes

Awning Gallery

Explore customer-designed awnings in this gallery, where each addition showcases tailored solutions for expanding living spaces or linking multiple domes. 

Bedroom Gallery Phoenix Domes

Bedroom Gallery

Browse through genuine customer photos in our Bedroom Gallery to see how these intimate spaces are customized to offer comfort and tranquility. 

Kitchen Gallery Phoenix Domes

Kitchen Gallery

Our collection of customer-submitted images showcases the versatility and innovation of kitchens within Phoenix Domes.

Bathroom Gallery Phoenix Domes

Bathroom Gallery

This gallery features real-life customer bathrooms in various Phoenix Domes, highlighting how each integrates modern amenities and sleek design within the dome structure.

Living/Lounge Space Gallery Phoenix Domes

Living/Lounge Space Gallery

Our Lounge Area Gallery displays a collection of living spaces from our customers' domes, emphasizing the cozy and inviting atmospheres they’ve created.

Lofts Gallery Phoenix Domes

Lofts Gallery

The Lofts Gallery presents an array of loft spaces designed by our customers, making use of the vertical dimension in domes for additional living or storage areas.