Cedar Cold Plunges

Embrace the invigorating benefits of cold plunge therapy with our premium Canadian-made Cold Plunge Tubs. Designed to enhance mental clarity, accelerate recovery, and reduce inflammation, these tubs are perfect additions to your wellness routine. Our cedar cold plunge therapy tubs are crafted for durability and ease of use, providing an optimal cold therapy experience right at home or as a part of a wellness hydrotherapy circuit. Whether you choose the tub or circular plunge model, you’ll enjoy high-quality construction and thoughtful design features that make cold plunging a breeze.

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Cedar Cold Plunge Features

  • Made in Canada: High-quality craftsmanship and materials.
  • Durable Construction: HDPE plastic or stainless steel interiors with cedar skirts.
  • Health Benefits: Boosts mental clarity, improves recovery, reduces inflammation, and enhances immune function.
  • Optional Accessories: Chiller units, covers, steps, and more.
  • Ready to Use: Fully assembled upon delivery.
  • Easy Maintenance: Optional ozone filter for cleaner water and easy-drain systems.

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Explore Our Cedar Cold Plunge Range

Glacier Cold Plunge
Glacier Cold Plunge
Starting from $4,036

Enhance your health routine with the Glacier Cold Plunge Tub, featuring either a stainless steel or HDPE plastic interior and a cedar skirt. Designed for easy access with angled sides, this tub measures 71" x 33" x 25". The Glacier model is perfect after a hot sauna session, providing all the benefits of cold plunge therapy. It includes a convenient drain that connects to any garden hose and an optional roll-up cover to keep the water clean when not in use. This tub combines functionality with superior craftsmanship for an exceptional cold therapy experience. 

Polar Cold Plunge Tub

Polar Cold Plunge Tub
Starting from $4,032

Boost your energy and elevate your mood with our Polar Cold Plunge Tub. Choose from a 304 Stainless Steel or White HDPE Plastic Interior and comes with a white cedar exterior. This is your quality solution for cold plunge therapy with or without a sauna. The optional roll up cover will keep your water clean when not in use and an easy to use drain that will connect to any garden hose is included with all cold plunge tubs. The total outside measurement is 71"x33"x25" High with angled sides for easy in and out access and holds 190 gallons (720 litres) of water. 

Arctic Cold Plunge
Arctic Cedar Cold Plunge
Starting from $2,736

The Arctic Cold Plunge Tub offers a robust cold therapy experience with a white HDPE plastic shell and a cedar skirt secured by stainless steel bands. This tub arrives fully assembled and can be filled with cold water or paired with an optional chiller unit that includes a built-in ozone filter. Enhance your therapy sessions with additional accessories like a solid cedar cover and steps. Ideal for outdoor use, this tub delivers superior durability and ease of use.

Baltic Cold Plunge Therapy Tub

Baltic Cold Plunge Therapy Tub
Starting from $2,623

The Baltic Cold Plunge therapy tub can be used with our electric chiller unit or you can keep the water cold by adding ice into the water as needed. This Canadian made cold therapy barrel completes the saunas in the Canadian Timber Collection made with Eastern White Cedar and is shipped assembled and ready to use. The tub is made with a plastic HDPE liner and stainless steel bands on the outside and will hold 150 gallons (570litres) of water, upgrade the cold tub with our optional accessories.

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