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Discover the ultimate glamping solution with Phoenix Domes' Pre-designed Deluxe Dome Package. Tailored for ease, beauty, and functionality, our kits feature everything from double layer insulation liners  to opening glass windows, designed for Glamping projects, studios, and unique living spaces.

Your Adventure Awaits with Phoenix Domes

At Phoenix Domes, we bring years of expertise to carefully craft three unique pre-designed dome packages, each designed to meet a variety of budgets and needs. Whether you’re exploring dome living for the first time or seeking clarity on what suits you best, our packages offer a complete solution. Each kit is constructed with a commitment to quality, backed by a warranty, and supported by our outstanding customer service, ensuring a warm and professional experience.

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Features That Define Our Domes

  • Powder-Coated Steel Frame and Heavy-Duty PVC Cover: Durability meets design in our core structure, promising year-round protection and aesthetic appeal.
  • Innovative Insulation: Featuring a reflective bubble wrap insulation paired with a machine washable Oxford fabric liner, our domes are built to maintain a comfortable interior temperature, boasting an efficient R5 insulation rating.
  • Enhanced Natural Light and Ventilation: With large panorama windows that zip open for air flow, opening triangle glass windows, and a central skylight, our domes offer ample light and air circulation.
  • Ease of Installation: Our  metal door frame and tensioning system simplify the setup process, allowing you to focus on enjoying your dome sooner.
  • Heavy Curtains & Track: Adding privacy and comfort to your Glamping Dome.

Phoenix Domes Glamping Package

To Your Dream Dome


Find The Dome Size That's Right For You

From cozy 16’/5m domes perfect for solo adventurers or couples, to spacious 30’/9m structures designed for family living, studios, or workshops, our range of sizes ensures the right fit for every need and dream. We can also accommodate larger domes through our Custom Dome option.

The Phoenix Domes Difference

Sustainable and Efficient Living Spaces

Our domes are not just structures; they are a step towards a more sustainable and efficient way of living. The unique design minimizes energy use, while the possibility of spray foam insulation for permanent setups offers unmatched thermal efficiency.

Customization and Add-Ons

While our ready-to-ship packages offer convenience and top-recommended features, we also provide options for customization. From additional door openings, to alternate window shapes, attaching multiple domes together, or extended height domes are all possible - we can create the dome that perfectly matches your vision.

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