Homes, Glamping, Rentals, and Resorts

Fully customizable to your unique specifications!

Domes for Glamping and Rentals

Boost your monthly revenue with a backyard AirBnB Phoenix Dome, or by finally launching that glamping resort for your recreation property or business. Our glamping packages are in stock and ready to ship!

Domes for Homes

High efficiency living for any climate! Save time and money with an affordable, portable, winter-ready Phoenix Dome. They also make ideal backyard offices, yoga or fitness spaces, event tents, and classrooms. Looking for a sturdy and spacious backyard greenhouse? We've got those too!

Domes for Studios and Creative Spaces

Your Phoenix Dome can be the sanctuary where you find yourself within yourself, or your gathering space where good vibes find each other. Our standard Domes can be uniquely customized to your personal requirements!

Restaurants, Hospitality, Backyards, and Classrooms

Transparent Domes and Zomes shine on the farm and on the patio, while Large Domes are incredible for event and utility spaces!

Domes for Patios, Experiences, and Gardening

Beautiful transparent outdoor spaces available for your restaurant, pub, café, vineyard, hotel, farm, or backyard!

Domes for Large Groups and Events

Our more spacious Domes make ideal community gathering places, dance halls, workshop or conference venues, retreat spaces, the list goes on!


  • Restaurant Patio Dome
    Restaurant Patio Dome 10/3M
    Regular price
    From $1,600.00 CAD to $3,100.00 CAD
  • Patio Zome
    Patio Zome
    Regular price
    $3,700.00 CAD
  • Greenhouse Dome
    Greenhouse Dome
    Regular price
    From $4,000.00 CAD to $15,700.00 CAD
  • 33'/10m Dome
    33/10M Dome Medium Frame / White
    Regular price
    From $13,200.00 CAD to $13,800.00 CAD
  • 36'/11m Dome
    36/11M Dome Heavy Frame / White
    Regular price
    From $15,700.00 CAD to $16,300.00 CAD
  • Large Domes
    Large Domes
    Regular price
    From $18,200.00 CAD to $30,000.00 CAD

A Unique Home for You, a Special Stay for Your Guests

A one-of-a-kind dwelling for year-round residence or second home...

Or memorable moments for your vacation rental guests, generating extra revenue from your property.

Domes are such a special experience - your guests will talk about it and come back for more. Glamping domes are in high demand, often rented out at high daily rates, sometimes with waitlists! Contact us for more information and success stories.

Domes can be quickly built in 1 to 3 days, at much lower cost than other building alternatives - an obvious choice for smart vacation rental ventures. We have serviced hundreds of dome-dwellers and glamping resorts - we know exactly how to best assist you in bringing your dream Dome to life.

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