So What Makes a 4-Season Glamping Package?

Expansive zip-off panorama window

  • An absolute must for the summer months in warmer climates
  • Featuring a heavy-duty YKK zipper, with an outer flap to maintain waterproofing, our 650g/sqm transparent PVC vinyl windows are 100% waterproof, flame retardant, and capable of thriving in temperatures from -45 to +70°C
  • Triangular zip-off panorama windows are also available for our 4-Season Glamping Zomes!
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Aluminum bubble liner insulation

  • Part 1 of a two part system for winterizing your Dome for year-round comfort!
  • This bubble layer goes on the outside of the frame, and interior to the outer cover
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Decorative and functional interior Oxford fabric liner

  • Part 2 of a two part system for winterizing your Dome!
  • Made from a light beige, outdoor grade, mildew-resistant Oxford fabric that creates an additional air gap
  • Modular design such that different sections can be taken down and machine washed occasionally when necessary
  • Includes an additional liner piece for covering over the central skylight when desired, as well as white acorn caps for fastening each piece in place, and white/clear plastic clips for securing liner pieces to struts around windows to result in a clean finish
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3 triangle window vents

  • Window vents with dual velcroed vinyl flaps, both clear and opaque, to retain heat when desired and allow for ventilation
  • Option to upgrade to our Triangle Glass Windows for a touch of class and easy functionality

Heavy curtain set in light grey

  • Mounts onto a series of hubs surrounding your panorama window
  • Includes heavy curtain, curtain track with mounting struts, and gliders for mounting curtain to track
  • Alternate curtain colour options are available on orders of 3+ Domes!
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Central pentagon skylight

  • The comfiest coziest stargazing you'll ever do!
  • Large skylight provides ample natural light during the day and interstellar views all night long
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Domes Zomes & Packages

Explore the best options for your dream Dome!     We have... 

Glamping Tents

A selection of affordable, easy-to-set-up yet luxuriously roomy glamping tents for seasonal... 

  • Chimney Flashing Kits

    Metal chimney flashings are available for larger stoves, with silicone varieties available for smaller stoves

  • Solar Fans

    A wise choice for staying cool in the summer and keeping humidity down through the winter months

  • Hanging Chairs

    We have all kinds of single and double hanging chairs available for you and your loved ones to enjoy

  • Hybrid Glass Panorama Window Upgrade

    Get a crystal clear view and better insulation with a double pane glass panorama window

  • Interior Wood Paneling Kit

    Interior Wood Paneling Kits

    We custom manufacture wood paneling kits in-house. Various materials are available

  • Opening Glass Windows

    Swap out an existing window vent with a touch of class and easy utility

  • Dark-Facing Infrared Heaters

    No red glow to keep you up at night. Just toasty warmth for your guests through any season

  • And Many More!

    Bolt hanger kits, silicone pipe flashing kits, curtain kits, camo nets,

    custom awnings...

    View all 
  • Hanging Treehouse Sphere - 3-4 Season

    New: Hanging Treehouse Sphere

    Get suspended in the trees with this amazing new design!

    Check it out! 

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