Cedar Saunas

Phoenix Domes offers a wide range of Canadian Cedar Saunas, perfect for adding relaxation to your backyard or upgrading any glamping retreat. Crafted from sustainably sourced cedar, our saunas are built for durability, quality, and a natural aesthetic that fits beautifully into any outdoor setting. Whether you’re looking for a traditional barrel sauna, a compact minipod, a rustic cabin sauna, or a modern cube sauna, we have the right option for you. Each sauna is handcrafted in Canada, ensuring exceptional craftsmanship and reliability.

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Sauna Features

  • Sustainably Sourced Canadian Cedar: Our high-quality cedar wood is sustainably sourced.
  • Variety of Styles: Choose from barrel, minipod, cabin, and cube saunas. 
  • Wood-Fired and Electric Options: Select the heating method that suits your preference: wood-fired or electric. 
  • Customization and Upgrades: Personalize your sauna with options like metal roofing and outdoor showers. 
  • Made in Canada: Our saunas are proudly crafted in Canada. 
  • Hydrotherapy Circuit: Combine your sauna with a hot tub or cold plunge. 

Discounts and Free Shipping

Enjoy a 5% discount on both the dome and sauna/tub when purchased together, plus a $100 accessory discount and free shipping.

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Explore Our Cedar Sauna Range

Barrel Saunas
Starting from $8,196

Phoenix Domes offers a variety of barrel saunas, each designed to provide cozy and efficient heat circulation. Handcrafted from high-quality Canadian Cedar, our barrel saunas are perfect for enhancing your backyard or glamping retreat. Models include the Harmony Barrel Sauna, Serenity Barrel Sauna, Tranquility Barrel Sauna, Knotty Cedar Barrel Saunas, and Clear Red Cedar Barrel Saunas. Each model is available in various sizes with the choice of wood-fired or electric heaters, and options to add porches and change-rooms.

Panoramic Barrel Sauna
Starting from $12,931

The Premium Panoramic Red Cedar Barrel Sauna features a large acrylic bubble back wall, offering spectacular views of the surrounding landscape. This model is crafted from your choice of knotty cedar, or warm clear red cedar, wood and can seat up to 8 people. With durable aluminum bands, stainless steel hardware, and a full-sized door with a thermo-sealed window, the Panoramic Barrel Sauna combines traditional sauna benefits with breathtaking scenery. The premium package includes a flat floor, curved benches, full-length backrests, and optional change rooms.

Cabin Saunas
Starting from $8,593

Phoenix Domes' cabin saunas blend rustic charm with modern amenities, making them perfect for families or group gatherings. The Granby Cabin Sauna fits 2-3 people, features two-tier benches and is made from Eastern White Cedar (note: this model available with electric heater options only). The Georgian Cabin Sauna, also crafted from Eastern White Cedar, includes a metal shingle roof, solid wide benches, and a 5mm bronze tempered glass door, accommodating 2-6 people. The Knotty Cedar and Red Cedar Outdoor Cabin Saunas are available in a wide range of sizes, and feature wood burning and electric heater options, or choose to have both heaters in one sauna! All larger models offer upgrade options such as porches and change-rooms, providing a spacious and comfortable sauna experience.

Mini-pod Saunas
Starting from $8,529

Compact yet spacious, the Mini-pod Saunas are designed to fit smaller spaces without compromising comfort. Handcrafted from Eastern White Cedar, Knotty Cedar, or Clear Red Cedar, these saunas feature ergonomic benches and can be equipped with wood-fired or electric heaters. Available in sizes 7x7, 8x6, 8x7, and 8x8, Mini-pod Saunas offer options to add porches and change-rooms, making them versatile and efficient.

Luna Saunas
Starting from $10,156

The Luna Cube Sauna provides a sleek, modern design that seamlessly fits into any outdoor setting. Crafted from premium Canadian Cedar, this sauna offers the choice of wood-fired or electric heaters. The cube shape adds a contemporary twist while maintaining functionality and comfort. Customization options include porches, change-rooms, and additional accessories. 

Pure Cube Saunas
Starting from $9,504

The Pure Cube Collection offers both outdoor and indoor saunas, as well as beautiful gazebos. Available in Clear Red Cedar and Knotty Cedar, these saunas feature a sophisticated, modern design with a cubist aesthetic. Outdoor saunas in this collection offer the choice of wood-burning or electric heaters, and come in a variety of sizes and designs. Porch options are also available, allowing for a customizable and luxurious sauna experience.

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