Can I Build a Kitchen for My Dome?

Absolutely! Building a kitchen in your Phoenix Dome is not only possible but also a fantastic way to enhance your dome living experience. Whether you envision partial walls, full walls, or fully enclosed spaces, the versatility of our domes allows for various configurations to suit your needs.

Ventilation is Key 

When constructing a kitchen in your dome, we highly recommend installing an exhaust fan. This will help draw out excess moisture and maintain a comfortable indoor environment. If you're planning a smaller kitchenette, it might be fine without an exhaust fan, but it's always best to have proper ventilation to avoid any moisture build-up.

Maximize Space with a Loft If your dome design includes a loft, consider placing your kitchen beneath it. This not only optimizes your space but also provides ample ceiling height for hanging pots, pans, and cooking utensils, making your kitchen both functional and charming.

Silicone Pipe Flashing Kits For any plumbing, electrical, or ventilation needs, our Silicone Pipe Flashing Kits are perfect for passing pipes through the dome’s cover. These kits ensure a secure and weatherproof seal, maintaining the integrity of your dome’s structure.

Creativity and Personalization 

While we do not supply furniture, appliances, or kitchen modules, this opens up endless possibilities for customization. You can choose the style, layout, and components that best fit your vision and needs. This approach not only reduces shipping costs but also results in a higher-quality, personalized kitchen setup.

Embrace your creativity and build the kitchen that perfectly complements your dome lifestyle!

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