Silicone Chimney/Pipe Flashing
Add chimney or pipe flashing to seal and finish your Dome!
Flashing kits are available as Add-Ons individually or with any order and can ship out immediately.

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Silicone Chimney Flashing (Orange)

Our silicone chimney boots come in two sizes and are designed to be used with double wall insulated chimneys. 

3-7" High Temp Flashing: Recommended for wood pellet or propane stoves. Able to go either up through ceiling triangles or out through walls. 

6-12" High Temp Flashing: Recommended for small wood stoves. For medium to large wood stoves, please see our Metal Chimney Flashing Kit.


Silicone Pipe Flashing (Grey)

Our pipe flashing boots are optimized for plumbing inputs/outputs and are often required in eastern provinces as part of the permitting process. Remember to work closely with your local housing inspection agency if you intend to permit your Dome.

0.25-5" Pipe Flashing: Generally sufficient for most intents and purposes

5-9" Pipe Flashing: Necessary in rare cases for very large pipes


These Kits Include:

  • Silicone flashing boot
  • PVC flashing cover in the colour of your Dome
  • HH66 vinyl cement glue

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