Can I Build a Washroom in My Dome?

Yes, you can definitely build a washroom in your dome! The flexibility of our geodesic structures allows you to create washroom spaces with partial walls, full walls, or even fully enclosed areas.

Importance of Ventilation 

Proper ventilation is crucial for any washroom to manage moisture and maintain a healthy environment. We highly recommend installing an exhaust fan to draw out excess moisture. This is particularly important in washrooms to prevent mold and mildew.​

Space-Saving with a Loft 

If your dome design includes a loft, planning your washroom underneath it can be a smart choice. This setup not only saves space but also provides enough ceiling height for a comfortable and efficient layout.​

Silicone Pipe Flashing Kits 

Our Silicone Pipe Flashing Kits are designed to facilitate any plumbing, electrical, or ventilation work that needs to pass through the dome’s cover. These kits ensure a secure and waterproof seal, protecting your dome from potential leaks and maintaining its durability.​


We do not supply pre-fabricated washroom units, which allows you to personalize your washroom according to your preferences. This approach helps you save on shipping costs and gives you the freedom to create a washroom that perfectly fits your style and functional needs.

Explore our Add-Ons page to find the necessary components for your washroom. With Phoenix Domes, your imagination is the only limit to creating a beautiful, functional washroom space in your dome!

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