Lifts and Lofts: Maximizing Your Dome’s Livable Area

Adding lifts and lofts to your Phoenix Dome is an excellent way to maximize your livable space, creating versatile and functional areas within your dome. Here’s how you can incorporate these features to enhance your dome living experience.

Benefits of Lofts and Central Islands

Increased Livable Space:

  • By adding a loft or central island, you can create additional living or sleeping areas without expanding the footprint of your dome. This is particularly useful for smaller domes where space is at a premium.

Versatile Design Options:

  • A half loft with a bathroom below and a sleeping space on top is a popular design choice. This setup optimizes the vertical space, providing privacy and functionality in a compact area. 
Incorporating a Loft

Choosing the Right Size:

  • The feasibility of adding a loft depends on the size of your dome. For 6m and 7m domes, some elevation may be required to create enough headroom for a second level. Building a pony wall can help elevate the loft, providing sufficient space below for other uses.

Extended Height Domes:

  • For those looking to incorporate a loft in a smaller footprint, we offer extended height 6m and 7m domes available for custom order. These domes provide additional vertical space, making it easier to add a functional loft without compromising on comfort - and for a lot less work than constructing a load bearing pony wall!

8m Domes and Larger:

  • Domes that are 8m and larger naturally lend themselves to additional floors. The increased height and diameter offer ample space for a loft, allowing for creative and practical interior designs. 
Design and Construction Tips

Pony Walls:

  • Building a pony wall can elevate the loft off the ground, creating enough headroom for a comfortable second level. This is especially useful in domes with smaller diameters where vertical space is limited. 

Sturdy Construction:

  • Ensure that the loft is constructed with sturdy materials and is securely anchored to the dome’s frame. This will provide stability and safety for the occupants.

Optimal Layout:

  • Plan the layout carefully to make the most of the available space. Positioning the loft above a bathroom or kitchen can create a compact and efficient design, maximizing both floor and vertical space.
Custom Order and Installation

If you’re interested in incorporating a loft into your dome, we offer custom order options to meet your specific needs. Our extended height domes and additional customization features can help you create the perfect living space.

Get Started:

  • To explore the possibilities and start planning your loft installation, visit our Custom Dome Quote Builder. Our team is here to provide expert guidance and support throughout the design and construction process.

Enhance Your Dome Living Experience:

  • Adding a loft or central island can significantly enhance the functionality and livability of your dome. Whether you need extra sleeping quarters, a private retreat, or a multi-purpose space, lifts and lofts offer a versatile solution.

By thoughtfully incorporating lifts and lofts, you can transform your Phoenix Dome into a spacious, comfortable, and efficient living environment, perfectly tailored to your needs. Explore our customization options and make the most of your dome’s potential today.

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