Replacement Clear PVC Skylight

Our clear PVC replacement Skylight has a wide edge in the corresponding dome colour to be glued in place to replace a deteriorated or damaged skylight.
We also have fully opaque skylight covers available for those not wishing to have a skylight anymore.
50% discount for customers who purchased their dome from us originally!

Replacement windows and skylights come with enough Vinyl Cement to install it.

Make sure to spec​ify your dome colour! 

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It can happen that a panorama window or skylight gets damaged or less see-through due to UV or chemical exposure and needs to be replaced. The lifespan of the clear PVC is not as long as the opaque cover material. 

Our clear PVC replacement panorama windows come with a full zipper, a wide strip on the other side of the zipper to glue in place, and the full cover skirt with tensioning loops. 

Replacement windows and skylights come with enough Vinyl Cement to install it. 

We also have white skylight covers for those who do not want to have a skylight anymore (for maintenance reasons or to keep your dome cooler). 

We have some sizes/colours in stock, others will need to be custom made. 

Please note that we offer 50% off to our customers who bought their domes through us.

Depending on the design, we may be able to provide replacement windows even if you have purchased your dome elsewhere. We will need precise measurements and the original setup diagram to verify. If it does not correspond to our dome measurements, it may still be possible as a custom order at a surcharge. 

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