Metal Chimney Flashing Kit
For to-code installation of a chimney going straight up through the roof of your Dome, you will need a metal flashing that leaves 2" total clearance around your insulated stovepipe. This kit is designed for full size wood-burning stoves with a 6" stove pipe. 

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This Kit Includes:

  • Outer metal flashing sized for 8" OD (6" inner Diameter) chimney pipe
  • Interior aluminum oval collar
  • Storm collar
  • Vinyl collar in the colour of your Dome (please select)
  • Specialized vinyl cement glue


The kit can be installed anywhere on your Dome (or Zome) that is no steeper than about 45 degrees. You will not require a pre-manufactured opening. 

We recommend using an 8" outer diameter insulated chimney as it is lighter, easier to handle, and doesn't require a support bracket. We can make the kit for 10" outer diameter chimneys if required - please contact us via email if this is the case.

Always fully tighten nuts with impact driver or socket wrench in order to ensure occupant safety. 


8" vs. 10" Insulated Chimney Pipe?

Unless your region's building code specifies the necessity for 10" OD (outer diameter) insulated chimney pipe, we highly recommend going with an 8" OD option for ease of installation and cost savings.

Our standard are optimized to be used with 8" OD chimney pipes and standard 6" stove pipes. The 10” is awkward and heavy and you’ll need to purchase additional chimney support for it, whereas the 8” is a lot more elegant, easier to work with, and won't require additional chimney support (unless you happen to live in a region with frequent heavy winds).

In Canada, Canadian Tire and Home Depot sell the 10” OD chimney pipes but professional fireplace suppliers will sell the 8”. You can find a supplier here if you want to find 8" insulated chimney pipe: You'll want a matching vent cap and adapter (from 6” stove pipe to 8” chimney) as well - these are standard and they should have them in stock. Let them know you won't require a support box like you would for a standard timber-frame hourse. 2 lengths of chimney should be enough - 1 will be half inside half outside your Dome, the second one stacking on top way up in the air.

 6” stove pipe is standard, and the 8” OD chimney has 1” of insulation which is totally to code (in Canada) and actually has the same clearance requirements as the 2” insulated. 

We CAN order in 10” flashings and modify them as necessary for Domes, it just takes a little extra time & money. Get in touch with us at if you require a metal chimney flashing kit sized for 10" chimney pipe!