Heavy Duty Bolt Hanger Kit


Heavy-Duty Bolt Hanger Kits are ideal for frequent use under load, such as  aerial acrobatics or 2- person hanging chairs. They include a bolt hanger and lock nut as before, with the addition of a Grade 8 hex bolt and hex nut so you can completely replace your Dome's standard hub hardware with stronger equivalents. 

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Add anchor points for hammocks, yoga swings, pull-up bars, aerial kits... whatever you want!

Contact us if you're interested in these kinds of applications, as you may wish to further reinforce your Dome with additional struts as well depending on the particular situation.

Kits Include:

  • 316L stainless steel 1/2" rock climbing bolt hanger, rated for 25kN down & straight out
  • Grade 8 yellow zinc lock nut with nylon ring to prevent loosening due to vibration
  • 3" Grade 8 tap bolt
  • Grade 8 yellow zinc hex nut


Bolt hanger kits are available as Add-Ons individually or with any order and can ship out immediately.

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