2-Pack Opening Triangle Glass Windows


Upgrade your Dome with 2 opening, double pane glass windows for clearer views and optimal airflow!

Featuring a hydraulic arm to ensure your window stays open to the desired level, as well as a standard locking latch. Custom velcro mosquito screens are available where desired.

Includes Mounting & Finishing Brackets For 6M, 7m Or Any Size Dome.

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Our triangle windows are all one size, which means they most likely will not fully cover an existing window opening on your Dome unless it is one of our smaller sizes. We recommend installing your triangle window in a new location of your Dome for the easiest installation, which is what the attachment struts are designed for (this will centre your window in the opening). If you are planning to install your glass window in an existing vent, you may want to install it low in the triangle and glue the top of the flap down for ease of access and weatherproofing. please consult our instructions for more information. 

 * Back in stock but currently only available in 2-packs unless ordered with a custom dome and packed at the factory - we don't currently have a way to separate the 2-packs and repack them safely for shipping individually * 

- - -

This Kit Includes:

  • Opening triangle window with hydraulic arm
  • Thick triangle mounting bracket
  • 3 x attachment bars specific to the size of your Dome
  • Thin metal finishing strips
  • Packet of self-tapping metal screws
  • Tube of Weathermaster sealant for waterproofing

- - -

Outer Perimeter - 43x42x43”

Inner Perimeter - 35x34x35”

- - -

Window Placement:

Our triangle windows are isosceles (2 sides of equal length) and are optimized for downward-facing 3-2-3 triangles in 3V Domes, as per the 3V Dome layout diagram included above with the photo set. If you plan to install a loft, this can be a consideration for window placement. Our glass windows are also well-suited for 4V Domes, however they may require the fabrication of custom bracket struts in order to compensate for the larger triangles involved.

You have the option of replacing an existing triangle window with a glass one, or simply cutting through your Dome cover/bubble liner insulation layer to create a window in a new location. For a clean finish when used with our Oxford fabric liner (or similar), our window kits do include strips of stainless steel trim that can be painted to your desired shade and secured to the interior triangle bracket (also included) with your Oxford liner tucked underneath. 

- - -

Specifying Window Location in Advance:

If you are ordering a Custom Dome, it can add to your aesthetic and save you time during installation to specify your glass window's location prior to your Dome's manufacture.

If you will be placing it overtop an existing triangle window, this ensures you will not have to remove the velcro window flap strips during installation (it will simply be manufactured with one triangle window left open, and most likely be cut slightly smaller than a standard velcro vent would otherwise be). Removing the velcro will be unavoidable, but not massively problematic, if you plan to install your glass window overtop an existing window on a 4-Season Glamping Package Dome or one that you've already had for however long. 

Depending on the size of your Dome or the existing triangle vent, the glass window may be smaller than the vent. In that case, you can glue down the flap at the top of your vent such that it reaches the window, or request additional cover vinyl from us as necessary. The glass window includes a heavy duty vinyl sealant for this purpose. 

If you intend to create an additional window in a new location, it this is easily done by cutting the cover to the size of the window at installation. 

Please get in touch with us via contact@phoenixdomes.com prior to purchase in order to ensure the correct size window for your Dome and its placement. 

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