The Yoga Dome

Ashley and Eric - Stevensville, Ontario, Canada

Background: Ashley and Eric, former restaurant owners in Stevensville, Ontario, found themselves with unexpected free time during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. Faced with the uncertainty surrounding the restaurant industry, Eric suggested a radical change: transforming part of their 3-acre rural property into a yoga studio. This idea sparked the creation of The Yoga Dome.

Building The Yoga Dome: Initially, Ashley and Eric considered a yurt for their yoga studio. However, after discovering geodesic domes, they were immediately captivated by the design and began researching intensively. It took them a year of planning, demos, and renovations to prepare the perfect space for their dome. They chose Phoenix Domes for their high-quality materials and Canadian base, which aligned with their values and needs.

Launch and Reception: The Yoga Dome officially opened on November 12th, 2021. In just under three months of operation, the studio welcomed hundreds of students from across the region, with some traveling several hours to experience a class. The dome quickly became a local sensation, drawing people from near and far.

Yoga Dome Phoenix Domes

Unique Features: The Yoga Dome offers a nurturing environment, carefully situated among mature and newly planted trees. The space has a magical ambiance, especially during yoga classes featuring stargazing projectors that cast waves and stars onto the dome’s fabric, creating an immersive experience. The large, customized bay window showcases the surrounding property beautifully, enhancing the overall atmosphere.

Customer Experience: Ashley and Eric have received overwhelmingly positive feedback. Visitors frequently describe the dome as a relaxing and peaceful haven. Comments often highlight the unique, welcoming space, likening it to a mini retreat. The dome's design and ambiance leave guests speechless and eager to return.

Customer Service and Quality: Ashley and Eric rated the quality of their dome as 10/10 and customer service as 8/10. They found the installation process manageable, noting that, despite their busy schedules, they could have completed the setup in a single day with more time. The heavy-duty fabric curtains and other features have proven invaluable, keeping the space warm and private when needed.

Yoga Dome Phoenix Domes

Lessons Learned: Maintaining a dome in Canadian winter requires constant attention, particularly regarding heating and cleanliness. Despite these challenges, Ashley and Eric have embraced the upkeep as part of their business routine.

Final Thoughts: The Yoga Dome has become an integral part of Ashley and Eric’s lives. They love the space and enjoy nurturing it, viewing it as an extension of their family. The Yoga Dome has truly become a magical place, attracting visitors from all over and providing a unique, peaceful environment for yoga and meditation.