Serenity Dome at Blaeberry Base

Gracie Guglich on Luxe Serenity Dome at Blaeberry Base, Golden, BC

Background: Gracie Guglich, owner of the Luxe Serenity Dome (LSD) at Blaeberry Base in Golden, BC, shared her experiences and financial success with the dome. Opening in the winter of 2022, the dome quickly became the most popular accommodation on her property, amongst a number of rental options varying in price.

Financial Success and Return on Investment: The Luxe Serenity Dome has proven to be a profitable investment. By the 11th month of operation, they were able to make their money back from their initial investment, breaking the $43,000 mark in revenue in under a year. The dome's high occupancy rates, averaging 80% annually, have significantly contributed to this success. Being located in a recreationally seasonal town, they have peak seasons in both summer and winter months with a brief break for shoulder seasons. The nightly rate is $300, while off-season rates drop to $100 per night for locals and around $200 for others, with a 2-night minimum booking policy.


Comparison to Other Accommodations: Gracie offers multiple booking options on her property, but the dome is the most frequently booked. For comparison, her cabin only achieved a 50% occupancy rate, with 188 days booked annually, and its nightly rate is half that of the dome.

Operational Insights: The dome's consistent bookings are driven by being the only geodome in Golden, and appealing to guests for special occasions like New Year's, Mother's Day, honeymoons, and anniversaries. Gracie has enjoyed customizing the interior with her personal vibe and continuously improving the dome's functionality, such as installing an oscillating ceiling fan and spray foam insulation to enhance comfort year-round.

Customer Success Story Phoenix Domes

Choosing Phoenix Domes: Gracie chose Phoenix Domes for their superior customer service. They provided essential support, including detailed drawing plans for the platform deck and ongoing support for any questions or concerns that arose, which were critical to the dome's success. Gracie particularly appreciated how promptly and effectively Phoenix Domes addressed her questions and concerns, making the entire process smooth and stress-free. This level of support allowed her to focus on customizing the interior and enhancing the guest experience, ultimately contributing to the dome's high occupancy rates and financial success.

Future Expansion Plans: Encouraged by the dome's success, Gracie plans to expand her horizons by adding more domes and connecting them to create a permanent living space. She looks forward to sharing her knowledge and continuing to provide unique experiences at Blaeberry Base.