Quisibis Domes

Bruno and Roxanne - Rivière Verte, New Brunswick, Canada

Background: Bruno and Roxanne embarked on their glamping business journey with the vision of creating a tranquil retreat where people could reconnect with nature and themselves. Located in Rivière Verte, New Brunswick, they have established Quisibis Domes, a glamping site that offers guests a peaceful escape from their hectic lives.

Building Quisibis Domes: The couple started with three domes, each uniquely named and decorated to offer a distinct experience: the Aloha, the Dreamcatcher, and the Moonlight. They plan to add three more domes, with construction set to begin in June 2022. These domes are equipped with Phoenix Domes’ 4-Season Glamping Packages, ensuring durability and comfort even in the harshest weather conditions.


Guest Experience: Each dome at Quisibis Domes features a private terrace with an electric hot tub, propane BBQ, and fire pit. Inside, guests find a well-equipped kitchen, full bathroom, and various amenities such as soaps, beddings, towels, board games, and mandala coloring books. Local coffee, tea, and hot chocolate add a special touch to the stay. Guests frequently praise the comfort and unique decor of the domes, often handcrafted by Roxanne and local artists.

Seasonal Adaptations: Given the extreme winter temperatures in their region, which can drop to -30ºC, Bruno ensured the domes are well-insulated. They added spray foam insulation to the interior and floor, in-floor heating, a 12,000 BTU heat pump, and an additional electric fireplace in the bedroom. An air exchanger helps maintain optimal ventilation and humidity levels, ensuring maximum comfort through all seasons.

Customer Service and Quality: Bruno and Roxanne appreciated the support provided throughout the setup process, which was crucial in overcoming initial challenges and ensuring a smooth launch.


Lessons Learned: A significant takeaway for Bruno and Roxanne was the importance of an air exchanger and a well-insulated basement. They emphasize the need for thorough research tailored to specific needs, climate, and location to avoid unnecessary expenses. Despite the challenges, the journey has been rewarding, and they advise others to be well-prepared for the work involved.

Final Thoughts: The success of Quisibis Domes is reflected in the positive feedback from guests, who often express a desire to return and recommend the experience to others. This word-of-mouth promotion has been invaluable for the business. Bruno and Roxanne’s commitment to quality and guest satisfaction has made Quisibis Domes a standout destination for those seeking a relaxing and unique glamping experience.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/quisibisdomes

Website: www.quisibisdomes.com

Art by Roxanne: www.facebook.com/heartistbyroxann