PEBs by the Sea - A Journey Back Home

Brandon Blades - Cape Sable Island, Nova Scotia

Background: For Brandon Blades, a Phoenix Dome represented more than just a unique rental space; it was a bridge to his roots. After losing his mother to cancer in 2021, Brandon returned to his childhood home on Cape Sable Island, Nova Scotia, where his father was living. In honour of his mother, Prudence Elizabeth Blades, Brandon and his father decided to create a memorial space named PEBs by the Sea.

Building PEBs by the Sea: Upon returning, Brandon and his father transformed their picturesque property into a serene retreat for travellers. They built a 6m/20’ glamping dome from Phoenix Domes, which quickly became a standout feature on Airbnb. The dome offers guests a unique experience with its stunning design and beautiful surroundings.

Dome Success Story Phoenix Domes

Unique Features and Design: In keeping with the camping vibe, the bathroom and shower facilities are located outside the dome. Brandon also created a beautiful outdoor kitchen area that doubles as a home theatre and sports room, ensuring guests have a one-of-a-kind experience with luxury amenities that set it apart from similar accommodations.

Natural Beauty: Located at the most southern point of Nova Scotia, PEBs by the Sea is a haven for nature enthusiasts. Guests can enjoy breathtaking sunrises and sunsets over the Atlantic Ocean, explore pristine white sand beaches, and observe local wildlife, including deer and rabbits, through the panoramic dome window. The property offers a slice of paradise where nature's beauty is the focal point.

Dome Success Story Phoenix Domes

Guest Experiences: PEBs by the Sea has received glowing reviews from guests. Visitors have praised the unique and peaceful environment, the thoughtful amenities, and Brandon’s exceptional hospitality. Guests frequently mention the incredible views, the cozy wood stove, and the serene atmosphere, making it a highly recommended destination.

Customer Service and Support: Brandon chose Phoenix Domes for their exceptional customer service. The support he received was instrumental in the successful establishment of PEBs by the Sea. The dome’s high-quality construction was proven during a severe storm with winds up to 124 km/hr, which left the dome undamaged, showcasing its durability.

Dome Success Story Phoenix Domes

Brandon Blades’ venture, PEBs by the Sea, not only honours his mother's memory but also provides a unique and memorable glamping experience for guests. The support from Phoenix Domes and the natural beauty of Cape Sable Island have made PEBs by the Sea a standout destination.

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