Cooling and Airflow in Your Dome

Ventilation is a crucial aspect of maintaining a comfortable and healthy environment inside your Phoenix Dome. Since our dome covers are impermeable to both air and water, it's essential to ensure proper airflow. Our glamping package domes come equipped with two opening glass triangle windows, providing excellent natural ventilation. Additionally, a screened front door can serve as another effective passive ventilation solution.

Keeping Cool in Summer 

During the summer, the sun can heat your dome significantly, especially through the panorama window. To manage the temperature, consider closing your curtains and zipping open the panorama window partially or fully. 

This allows hot air to escape and cooler air to flow in. Depending on your region, setting up shade sails outside can also be beneficial. If additional cooling is needed, dome covers are easy to modify for air conditioning units, as frames are simple to attach to.

Managing Humidity in Your Dome

Winter Humidity Concerns

In the winter, and particularly when cooking inside your dome, managing humidity becomes essential. High humidity can lead to condensation and potential moisture-related issues such as mould and mildew. To combat this, we highly recommend running a dehumidifier during the winter months.

Heavy-Duty Solutions

For particularly moist or cold environments, air exchangers offer a robust solution. These devices can significantly improve air quality and humidity levels inside your dome, providing a comfortable living space year-round.

Solar Fan Kits

Our Solar Fan Kits are an excellent base layer for addressing both heat and humidity. These fans operate even in overcast conditions, ensuring constant ventilation throughout most of the year. For example, our Demo Dome in coastal British Columbia remains condensation-free year-round with only a solar fan managing its humidity levels.

By considering these strategies for cooling, airflow, and humidity management, you can create a comfortable and healthy living environment in your Phoenix Dome, no matter the season. Explore our Add-Ons page for more solutions to enhance your dome living experience.​