Zero Infrared Heaters - 50% off!
Sleek, silent, and energy-efficient - this line of dark-facing ceramic infrared heaters has impressed us so much that we just had to offer them to our customers. 

Infrared heaters heat the objects and people in the space, not the air - hence they are more efficient, and one actually feels warmer under them than other space heaters! As a dark-facing variant (basically, zero visible light emission), these heaters won't bother you at night with the characteristic red glow of many other infrared options. 

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Available in 2 sizes, they are a great option to heat a smaller dome or as supplementary heat in a larger one:

- Our 20' Glamping Dome in coastal BC is heated entirely with the 3200W version, which keeps it plenty warm even in the depths of winter!

- Our 13' Treehouse Sphere uses the 1800W model to keep it cozy on chilly nights

The 3200W heater needs to be wired into a panel with a double pole breaker for 220/240V. The 1800W heater can be wired into a single pole 20A breaker running 120V. 

The aluminum heater is an economical version with somewhat cheaper materials and 2 instead of 3 heating elements, which makes the heat spread out a little less, but the same heat output as the ceramic models. It needs to be wired into a thermostat of your choice that is suitable for 240V double pole. 

Please note that the remote control option cannot be used in conjunction with a thermostat, however it has 4 heat settings and a timer to turn it off automatically. 

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