Hanging Chairs Rope Chair (Single Summer Yellow)

Optimize your relaxation with our wide selection of hanging chairs!

Our comfortable & luxurious hanging chairs attach to the super strong hubs of your Dome or Zome's frame, and are an ideal choice for glamping or at home - especially thanks to their easy movability and removability when desired!

Concrete/wood anchors are included as well for anyone who might want to mount them to a standard horizontal ceiling. 

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The Rope Chair - Summer Yellow - Single/Double

Our most eye-catching option, the Rope Chair is ready and willing to become the new centrepiece for your living room!

  • Wide enough for couples who plan on cuddling up close
  • Super fast setup thanks to its efficient design
  • Single tie-in headrest


Each Kit Includes:

  • Hanging chair with sturdy all-metal overhead bar
  • Carabiners/S-hooks and ceiling chain
  • Standard Bolt Hanger Kit, including a rock climbing bolt anchor & nylon lock nut


Always fully tighten nuts with impact driver or socket wrench in order to ensure occupant safety. 


Hanging chairs are available as Add-Ons individually or with any order - they are generally in-stock and ready to ship!

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