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Restaurant Patio Dome

Restaurant Patio Dome

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Restaurant Patio Domes - for privacy, for warmth, and for the longest patio season possible! Help guests social distance, while also creating a unique, cozy, and highly 'instagrammable' ambiance. An incredible opportunity for creative brand visibility.


Easy to heat with a single infrared or space heater, Patio Domes are an ideal addition to restaurant or backyard patios to allow for all-season dining or entertaining experiences. 3m Domes are ideal for tables of 4, 3.5m Domes for 4-6, and 4m Domes can accommodate as many 8 guests!


Our Patio Domes are strong enough to withstand snow loads of 120psf - you can easily hang lighting, heaters, flower pots, or even hammocks and hanging chairs in them! Our resilient 650g/sqm clear PVC covers are 100% waterproof, flame retardant, and capable of thriving in temperatures from -45 to +70°C. With 2-3 people, assembly takes roughly 2-3 hours, with a take-down time of about 1 hour. Folded and bound, the cover and struts take up incredibly little storage space when not in use.


This Package Includes:

  • Powder-coated steel frame Dome with heavy-duty clear PVC cover
  • 2 triangle vents with roll-up flap and mosquito screen
  • Reinforced YKK zipper door
  • Cover tensioning system + mounting hardware


3m Patio Dome

Diameter: 9.8'/3m

Center Height: 6.9'/2.1m

Floor Area: 76sqft/7.1sqm

Ultralight Frame - 19mm/0.75" tubing, estimated at 80 psf snow load and 120 mph/200 kmh winds


3.5m Patio Dome

Diameter: 11'/3.4m

Center Height: 8' 4"

Floor Area: 98sqft/9.1sqm

Light Frame: 26mm/1" tubing, estimated at 120 psf snow load and 200 mph/320 kmh winds


4m Patio Dome

Diameter: 13'/4m

Center Height: 7.9'/2.4m

Floor Area: 136sqft/12.6sqm

Light Frame: 26mm/1" tubing, engineer stamped for 120 psf snow load and 200 mph/320 kmh winds


Lead time on Patio Domes is currently 10-12 weeks as they are custom made to order. 

*Larger clear cover Patio Domes of any size are very doable as Custom Orders - please inquire via email for further information!*

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