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Large Domes

Large Domes

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Large Domes make incredible event spaces, exhibition floors, warehouses, workshops, yoga or aerial studios, and so much more! Our manufacturing partners have experience in creating Domes (and Zomes!) as large as 80m in diameter... meaning theoretically almost any size Dome is more than possible.


Our resilient 850g/sqm PVC covers are 100% waterproof, flame retardant, and capable of thriving in temperatures from -45 to +70°C - they're also available in a variety of different colours, or even simply transparent. 


These Domes Include:

  • Powder-coated steel frame with heavy-duty PVC cover
  • Large panorama window (sections can be zip-off depending on size)
  • Door frame attachment bars (we can accommodate doors of any size)
  • Multiple triangle vents with roll-up flap and mosquito screen
  • Cover tensioning system + platform mounting hardware


Solar fans and/or metal or silicone chimney flashing can easily be included as Add-Ons.

More specific customizations such as hexagon awnings, additional vents, opening glass windows, a star shape rather than panorama window, or alternate/additional window or door positions are more than possible as these are automatically Custom Domes that will be crafted from scratch specifically for you upon ordering. Contact us via email for further diagrams details and options. 


Diameter: 39-263'/12-80m

Center Height: 20-100'/6-30m

Floor Area: 1200-5400sqft/113-500sqm

Email us at for specific prices and measurements!

39'/12m Domes start at $18,200 - Larger Domes increase in price accordingly. 


Frame Info:  

All Large Domes come at the 38mm heavy frame weight, with some on the larger end requiring struts even stronger. Please note that due to infrequent orders of such massive Domes, we have not had their structural integrity professionally analyzed beyond 12m diameter. For this reason, we do not have stamped engineer reports available at this time, and all indicated snow/wind loads beyond 12m are simply estimates from our manufacturer. However, if you require an engineer report for the purpose of permitting your Dome, we would be more than happy to assist you in obtaining one!

12m Heavy Frame Dome38mm/1 1/2" tubing, rated for 80 psf snow load and 150 mph/240 kmh winds

15m-80m Heavy Frame Domes - estimated at 15 psf minimum and 62 mph/100 kmh winds


Please allow 12-14 weeks lead time from date of ordering for all Large Domes!


Since the website is unable to calculate truck freight automatically, shipping costs will be adjusted to reflect the actual cost at the time of shipping. 

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