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DIY 1V Dome (Starpod) Bracket Kit

DIY 1V Dome (Starpod) Bracket Kit

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Create a unique and material-efficient icosahedron cabin, office, chicken coop, garden shed, gazebo, covered hammock space, or guest bedroom!

Technically a 1V Geodesic Dome, we call it a Starpod. The V refers to a Dome's frequency, which you can think of as a measure of its complexity, strength, and roundness. The greater the V number, the more triangles are involved in its construction.



These brackets are designed to help create regular 1V Dome icosahedrons, which are shapes composed of 20 equal-sized triangular faces. This means that theoretically the same sized 2x4s can be used for the perimeter of each triangle, which means no wood wasted as offcuts! In the examples shown, we did extend the roof beams in order to create a small overhang to somewhat protect the walls from rain. This equilateral nature also gives you the option of cutting diagonals out of standard-sized 4x8' plywood sheeting in order to create walls (shown in photo with chalk lines), resulting in even greater material efficiency and waste minimization - but of course you can sheet them any way you like! We've seen backyard chicken coops made from icosahedrons, with mainly chicken wire on the outsides, but any kind of metal wood or composite sheeting and finishing is more than possible.

While we used 2x4's for our prototypes, which will be sufficient in most cases, 2x6's would also be an option where larger dimensions are desired, as would 2x2's when structural integrity is less important. We do not include bolts in our kit for this reason - your desired level of structural strength will inform what kind of fasteners you will require. 


This product is offered as a DIY kit that includes 11 of the pentagonal brackets indicated. They are available to ship out immediately upon order.

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