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Hanging Chairs

Hanging Chairs

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Optimize your relaxation with one of our hanging chairs!

Our hanging chairs attach to the super strong hubs of your Dome or Zome's frame, and are an ideal choice for glamping or at home - especially thanks to their easy movability and removability when desired! 


1 - The Tassle

Likely our prettiest option, this chair includes a light coloured overhead wooden bar as well as two pillows for ideal comfort. Usually available in both an Off-White as well as a dark gray Charcoal, currently we only have Charcoal in stock.

330lb weight capacity


2 - The Gray

Our strongest option thanks to its beige metal overhead bar, this dark gray chair includes two pillows for optimal comfort as well as a bag for carrying or storage.

360lb weight capacity


3 - The Net

Fully composed of rope, with a slightly darker wooden overhead bar, this light coloured chair is ideal for sitting as well as laying further backward. 

 220lb weight capacity


Each Kit Includes:

  • Hanging chair with overhead bar
  • 2 carabiners and ceiling chain
  • Rock climbing bolt anchor for attaching to frame hub
  • Lock nut just in case!


Always fully tighten nuts with impact driver or socket wrench in order to ensure occupant safety. 


Hanging chairs are available as Add-Ons individually or with any order. 

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