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Greenhouse Dome

Greenhouse Dome

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Grow lots of healthy food in a gorgeous geodesic greenhouse! Available in any of our regular frame sizes.


Never worry about wind, snow, hail, or animals wrecking your harvest again. The high ceilings and many strong hubs make it ideal for tall plants or climbing plants such as cucumbers, beans, tomatoes, citrus... the list goes on. Excellent at retaining humidity in dry conditions, and heat in cold conditions. A versatile choice as a greenhouse in all seasons. 


This Dome Includes:

  • Powder-coated steel frame with heavy-duty PVC cover
  • 2 lower mesh sections with removable clear cover
  • 3 opening triangle vents in the ceiling
  • Circular zipper door, or framed door attachment to install your own
  • Cover tensioning system + platform mounting hardware


Our resilient 650g/sqm transparent PVC covers are 100% waterproof, flame retardant, and capable of thriving in temperatures from -45 to +70°C.

Engineered for 80psf snow loads and 150mph winds. 

Please inquire regarding frame upgrades for high snow loads if necessary.


We recommend installing a solar fan, or an automatic greenhouse vent opener in conjunction with our upper triangle vents for self-regulating temperature control. 

These Domes also make incredible patio spaces for year-round outdoor experiences, and can be customized with different ventilation options if your desired use is more along the lines of entertaining friends rather than growing plants. 


Please allow 10-12 weeks lead time from date of ordering!

Since the website is unable to calculate truck freight automatically, shipping costs will be adjusted to reflect the actual cost at the time of shipping. 

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