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Extended Height 4-Season Glamping Package Dome

Extended Height 4-Season Glamping Package Dome

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Since one of our friends put his 7m dome onto a 4' pony wall to make it extra high and accommodate a large loft, we have had a lot of customers interested in this option and so we created an extended height version of the 6m and 7m domes. 

The 6m is otherwise too small for a loft and a washroom is tight - with the extended version, it can fit a washroom and kitchenette with spacious sleeping loft above on a smaller footprint. 

The 7m will have more space in the loft and an elevation suitable for Aerial silks and circus apparatus! 

This dome is available as a custom order with an 8-12 week lead time. 


This Package Includes:


      6m Size: Diameter: 20'/6m Center Height: 15'/4.54m Floor Area: 290sqft/27sqm

      7m Size: Diameter: 23'/7m. Center Height: 17'4"/5.3m  Floor Area: 395sqft/36sqm


      The 4 Season Glamping Package is a predefined design and comes with all the features bulleted above.

      Solar fans and/or metal or silicone chimney flashing can easily be included as Add-Ons.

      If you require more specific customizations such as a hexagon awning, additional vents, opening glass windows, a star shape rather than panorama window, or alternate/additional window or door positions, your selection will become a Custom Dome at an increased price with added lead time - this is due to the design and factory customization necessary, as well as the fact that it needs to be created from scratch!


      Frame Info: 

      For permitting purposes, please select a frame size that corresponds to the snow load requirements for your area.

      Please note that regulations require a safety factor of 4-6 times the maximum snow load you will ever experience, so if you are not planning to permit your dome, you will realistically be able to order a much lighter frame size without any problems. 

      Light frame - 26mm/1" tubing, rated for 80 psf snow load and 150 mph/240 kmh winds 

      Medium frame - 32mm/1 1/4" tubing, rated for 120 psf snow load and 200 mph/320 kmh winds


      ***Set-up Instructions Here***


      Our glamping packages are in-stock and ready to ship for most common sizes, frame weights, and colours!

      Since the website is unable to calculate truck freight automatically, shipping costs will be adjusted to reflect the actual cost at the time of shipping. 

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