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Phoenix Domes

Custom Zomes

Custom Zomes

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What's a Zome, you ask? Short for Zonohedron, its geometry is based on a double helix - and the top view resembles a flower of life!

Similar in strength and structure to our standard Domes, and still composed exclusively of triangles, each row of a Zome is parallel and builds to its characteristic central apex. You won't find this style anywhere else - we're currently your only option in North America for this style of steel-frame Zome, and the truly unique experiences that come with them.

Custom Zomes are available in all sizes from 4-80m in diameter, and like our Domes are available in White, Sage Green, and Desert Beige. They're ideal as backyard hideaways, glamping tents for high-return rentals, greenhouses, creative spaces, workshops, yoga studios, playrooms, retreat space, the only limit is your creativity :) For example, the large Zome shown being constructed and later hosting a dance retreat is a whopping 15m in diameter!


A Custom Zome Includes:

  • Powder-coated steel frame with hardware & heavy-duty PVC cover
  • Large panorama window, with zip-off capability depending on size
  • Large hoop doorway (accommodates standard 36x80" pre-hung doors)
  • Cover tensioning system + platform mounting hardware
With All Kinds of Further Customization Available, Such As:
  • Your desired number & location of triangle vent windows
  • Reflective bubble liner insulation layer
  • Your desired number & size of skylights
  • Your desired number & size of doors
  • Various kinds of awnings



Solar fans, metal or silicone chimney flashings, pipe flashings, opening triangle glass windowscomplete or hardware-only curtain kits, and interior Oxford fabric liners can easily be included as Add-Ons at any time prior or subsequent to purchase


Please expect 8-12 weeks lead time from date of ordering due to the necessity of custom manufacture! Lead time will depend upon size and complexity of the Zome in question, as well as on our shipping schedules. 


Interested in learning more or getting price quotes at various sizes? Reach out to us anytime at!


Since the website is unable to calculate truck freight automatically, shipping costs will be adjusted to reflect the actual cost at the time of shipping. 

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