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Canadian-Made Sauna Accessories

Canadian-Made Sauna Accessories

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Finish and polish your sauna with a selection of thoughtful accessories!

All wooden elements shown come in Canadian Eastern White Cedar.


Elite Backrest - Optimal back support for you and your guests

Bucket & Ladle - Get things steamy in style!

Thermometer - Make sure you're cooking yourself at the ideal temperature

Wall Mount Sand Timer - Time flies when you're having fun!

Light Shade - Soft light for perfect ambiance

Outdoor Solar Light - Don't forget your phone as you leave!

Towel Hook - Never a bad call 

Bottle Shelf - Stay hydrated in there!

Extra Vent Kit - Control your air exchange! Ideally located with one on the back wall under your heater to pull fresh air in, with another on the front wall by the top of your door let CO2 out during long or large group sessions. Includes metal mesh

Comfort Head/Backrest - Support at any orientation

Massage Brush - Feels incredible with a little oil involved!

Interior/Exterior Light - Water and temperature resistant


Please note that these accessories are only available alongside the purchase of one of our Canadian Made (Luna, Harmony, Serenity, or Tranquility) saunas.

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