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Harmony Sauna - Canadian Made!

Harmony Sauna - Canadian Made!

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Upgrade your glamping, business, backyard, or off-grid living experience with a gorgeous wooden sauna!

With Canadian cedar as well as craftsmanship, combined with a Finnish top-of-the-line electric or wood-burning heater, this sauna is a distinctly memorable addition to any property. Check out our Canadian Made Sauna Accessories once you've made your decision!


This Kit Includes:

  • Stunning Canadian eastern white cedar frame
  • Choice of electric or wood-burning heater
  • Pre-hung door with double pane 5mm bronze tempered glass window
  • Sturdy face-to-face interior benches with rounded front edges
  • Aluminum bands and stainless steel hardware
  • 1.5"/3.8cm thick walls
  • Solid cedar base cradles + clothing hook
  • 3 year warranty against defective sauna heaters or components


Capacity: 2 people laying down, 4-6 sitting

Dimensions: 2m diameter, 2m deep

Volume: ~220 cubic ft/6.3 cubic m

Wood: Canadian eastern white cedar  


Heater Options:

Saaku Electric Heater:

Saaku electric sauna heaters are composed exclusively of durable non-rusting components, including galvanized baffles and a pristine stainless steel shell, with dual control knobs on the front face. They feature a 3 hour operation timer and additional 9 hour delay timer. 20kg of sauna rocks are included for retaining heat and creating steam, as well as a beautiful cedar heater guard. The unit itself comes in at 13kg.

Electric heaters are a high-efficiency choice that only require power while you are using them, unlike a hot tub that has to burn far more energy running all the time. Depending on the conditions outdoors, Saaku heaters are generally able to achieve 190°F/88ºC and beyond, and are ETL safety standard approved.

Saaku 4.4kW: 

Optimal for saunas of up to 7 cubic metres. These heaters operate efficiently at 240 volts and 20 amps of power (30A breaker), comparable to an oven or clothes dryer. 

Saaku 6kW: 

Optimal for saunas of 5-9 cubic metres. These heaters operate efficiently at 240 volts and 25 amps of power (30A breaker), comparable to an oven or clothes dryer. 

Saaku 8kW: 

Optimal for saunas of 8-13 cubic metres. These heaters operate efficiently at 240 volts and 33.3 amps of power (40A breaker), comparable to an oven or clothes dryer. 


 Harvia M3 Wood-Burning Heater:

The Harvia M3 features a glass door for that classic sauna experience and its cozy healing glow. Graphite black in colour, this stove heater has a reflective stainless steel upper and timeless appeal, designed to heat spaces of up to 14 cubic metres. It weighs in at 55kg, dimensions 45*39*71cm (L*W*H), 18kg of included sauna rocks, with a 4.5" diameter smoke outlet. Includes 2yr warranty.

Harvia M3 Chimney and Heat Shield Set

This set includes a stainless steel heat shield (can be installed on floor or back wall depending on your chosen placement), stainless 1.5m chimney pipe, 1m smoke pipe, metal and rubber flanges for rooftop chimney exit, pipe clamp for rubber flange, and chimney rain cap. This option is recommended and definitely saves some headache in comparison to finding an alternate or improvising a less elegant solution.


Harvia KIP Electric Heater:

The Harvia KIP, also a favourite among Finns, is a traditional wall-mounted heater in which price and quality perfectly intersect. Sleek and clear in its design, the shiny reflective KIP has earned its position as a favourite in numerous saunas in the land of a thousand lakes. 

Crafted from resilient stainless steel, the KIP is controlled with manual dials on the front face corresponding to time and temperature. Operating time can be set between 1-4hrs. 2yr warranty included. 60x41x28cm in size. IPx4 splash-proof & ideal in moist environments. Includes handcrafted cedar heater guard.

Harvia KIP 6kW - Optimal for room volumes of 5-8 cubic metres. 12kg unit + 20kg of sauna rocks. 240V at 25A (40A breaker).

Harvia KIP 8kWOptimal for room volumes of 7-12 cubic metres. 13.4kg unit + 20kg of sauna rocks. 240V at 34A (50A breaker).


Assembly & Protection:

This kit can be assembled in a matter of hours with minimal tools and only a few people. Please see our Resources page for owner's manuals and installation guides.

While cedar is naturally decay, insect, and moisture-resistant, applying an outdoor grade finish to the outer face is recommended to protect it from the elements long-term. Failure to do so can resulting in graying and loss of colour. Standard asphalt roofing shingles are also an option worth considering when it comes to long-term roof protection. 

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Shipping Details:

*Prices shown include a $320 flat fee shipping charge that will suffice for the vast majority of residential or business delivery in Canada (certain island or isolated locations will be subject to additional fees). Anyone with access to a full size loading dock with forklift, rather than standard residential delivery requiring a lift gate, please contact us and we will be able to refund this $320. US customers are also eligible for this $320CAD refund, but will be subject to additional freight and border charges depending on their location in the United States.

Sauna arrives inside a large crate weighing at least 600lbs. Customers are responsible for unloading the sauna crate from the truck - some delivery trucks will have lift gates capable of handling the sauna crate, but some will not. Customers are responsible for communicating with the shipping company regarding time of delivery and coordinating equipment or a team of helpers to move/unload the crate. You can view complete information regarding the delivery process for Canadian-made saunas on our Resources page

Please note that each sauna is custom made to order and manufacturing lead times can vary grately depending on supply and demand. Updated lead times can be requested at any time - you can reach  us with any inquiries via 

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