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Phoenix Domes

Reflective Bubble Liner Insulation

Reflective Bubble Liner Insulation

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Part 1 of a two part system for winterizing your Dome for year-round comfort!

#1 - This reflective aluminum bubble wrap insulation layer

#2 - A decorative and functional light beige easily washable interior Oxford fabric liner (Separate product, both are included in our 4-season glaping package).


This bubble layer goes on the outside of the frame, and before the outer PVC cover.

For retrofit purposes after a Dome has already been assembled, you can also suspend a reflective insulation layer on the interior side without too much additional effort.


This price includes shipping to Vancouver or your nearest sea port when ordered alongside a Dome or Zome. If ordered separately, shipping charges and a 10-12 week lead time will apply.

Our 4-Season Glamping Packages come standard with both liners included!

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