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4-Season Glamping Package Zome

4-Season Glamping Package Zome

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Craft one-of-a-kind glamping experiences inside the unique geometry of a Zome!

What's a Zome, you ask? Short for Zonohedron, its geometry is based on a double helix - and the top view resembles a flower of life. 

Similar in structure to our standard Domes, and still composed exclusively of triangles, each row of a Zome is parallel and builds to its characteristic central apex. We have 3 Zome sizes available in 5m, 6m, and 7m diameter. They're ideal as backyard hideaways, and of course as glamping tents for high-return rentals.

It's been said that the energy of the Zome has a calming effect if it has an even number of sides, and an activating effect with an odd number! Ours have an even number, and are thus ideal for meditation, yoga, or a relaxing retreat. 


This Package Includes:


5m Zome

Diameter: 15.7'/4.8m

Center Height: 15.3'/4.65m

Floor Area: 192sqft/17.8sqm


6m Zome

Diameter: 20'/6m

Center Height: 15'/4.5m

Floor Area: 315sqft/29sqm

Both Zomes pictured in photos above are the 6m variety


7m Zome

Diameter: 22.3'/6.8m

Center Height: 16.2'/4.9m

Floor Area: 386sqft/36sqm 


The 4 Season Glamping Package is a predefined design and comes with all the features bulleted above.

Solar fans and/or metal or silicone chimney flashing can easily be included as Add-Ons.

More specific customizations such as a circular hoop awning, additional vents, opening glass windows, or alternate/additional window or door positions are available at a surcharge as a custom order. Contact us via email for further diagrams details and options. 


Frame Info: 

Please note that as Zomes are a new product offering, we have not yet had their structural integrity professionally analyzed. For this reason, we do not have stamped engineer reports available at this time. However, if you require an engineer report for the purpose of permitting your Zome, we would be more than happy to assist you in obtaining one!

The roof pitch of the Zome is such that snow will slide off and not accumulate, so snow load is not really an issue here.

We're including 5m, 6m, and 7m geodesic dome snow and wind load ratings here as approximates (likely these will be very close in value to a Zome of the same size):


5m Light Frame - 26mm/1" tubing, rated for 80 psf snow load and 150 mph/240 kmh winds

5m Medium Frame - 32mm/1 1/4" tubing, rated for 100 psf snow load and 175 mph/280 kmh winds


6m Light Frame - 26mm/1" tubing, rated for 120 psf snow load and 200 mph/320 kmh winds 

6m Medium Frame - 32mm/1 1/4" tubing, rated for 120 psf snow load and 200 mph/320 kmh winds


7m Medium Frame - 32mm/1 1/4" tubing, rated for 100 psf snow load and 175 mph/280 kmh winds


As a Custom Order, please allow 10-12 weeks lead time from date of ordering!


Limited Time Deal!

We currently have one 6m light frame white Zome prototype, which we only set up for the sake of confirming its full functionality, available at the significantly reduced rate of $8120, down from $10,120. This Zome comes as a full 4-Season Glamping Package as described above, and could be ready to ship out in a matter of weeks. Please get in touch via email ( if you're interested and would like to learn more!

Since the website is unable to calculate truck freight automatically, shipping costs will be adjusted to reflect the actual cost at the time of shipping. 

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