So Why Phoenix?

"Why shouldn't I take a chance on a cheap dome from a less established company? What actually sets you apart?"
We're glad you asked!

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Know What You're Getting
Our website and instructions are full of high quality pictures of the exact Domes and features we sell, taken either by ourselves or sent to us by happy customers - not blurry, confusing images downloaded from the internet or stolen from other companies' websites, as is so often the case with low quality or offshore 'competitors' 
Same Day Customer Service
We're available to answer any of your questions before, during, and after ordering, during setup, and beyond. Email us or call anytime during normal business hours (or anytime if you really need a fast answer!) and we'll get back to you the same day
Canada's Shortest Lead Times
We do our best to keep each size of our glamping package domes IN STOCK, in Canada, and ready to ship out. Unless you are ordering a Custom Dome that needs to be made specially for you, you'll receive your order within just a couple weeks and be able to realize your project without delay
Real Testimonials
Rather than putting up easily faked anonymous 5-star reviews, our glowing testimonials will link you directly to the customer's website and contact information so you can be sure they are a real person or business and are actually successful with their Domes. Feel free to contact them with any questions for extra peace of mind, or even book a stay with them in order to get a first-person feel for the Dome life! We maintain a list of Canadian commercial ventures by province at the bottom of this page
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Designed for the North American Climate
Our packages offer the key features you need, such as:

Zip-off panorama windows
For maximum ventilation during hot days. Without it you may be forced to install expensive air conditioning for the summer months
Machine washable, multi-section interior fabric liner
None of that quilted batting that's impossible to clean and only collects mildew. Easy to install, easy to clean Double layer insulation - reflective bubble liner insulation that bounces heat right back into your space, plus an additional air gap thanks to the interior liner
Free engineer-stamped exact-fit platform plans
Making it easy to seal out critters, creepy crawlies, and the weather. Square platforms allow water to run under and into your Dome which can cause issues. 
(See our Platform Info Sheet for best practices)
Complimentary Engineer Reports for 5 Major Canadian Provinces
Stamped structural wind/snow load investigations available for BC, AB, ON, NS, & NB. Flammability testing data sheets as well! If you require engineer studies done for your particular region outside of these, we are happy to pair you up with one of the engineers we typically work with who is already familiar with Domes
Frame sizes engineered for Canadian snow loads
Light frame Domes are excellent in warmer areas, medium frame will handle almost anything your region is capable of throwing at it (as well as human body weight in most cases, for aerial studios or similar!), and heavy frame is capable of withstanding North America's highest snow loads
Chimney and pipe flashing kits that will satisfy any inspector
These are designed for locally available, CSA-approved stoves and pipes, and can be installed anywhere on your Dome at any time
Heavy-duty cover tensioning system
Offering a much smoother, tighter look than the competition's weak & cumbersome lacing
Designed for a quality door of your choice
Some companies include a metal/glass door, which might sound great, and we actually used to offer this type of door ourselves... until we found that it would easily blow open in the wind and basically fall apart, leaving you with an opening that does not fit a standard door available locally. Thus, we decided that getting a regular door at your local building supply will give you a better quality door over time, and allows you to choose your own style depending on your Dome's intended function. This also gives you the option of buying used, and helps you save on shipping!
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Market-Leading Innovation
You won't find our style of Zomes anywhere else. Nobody else is hanging entire geospheres 10ft up in the air either. We've got more spheres on the way too, but we're not currently at liberty to share further details just yet... Our 1V geodesic dome Starpod brackets? We had them custom manufactured. Our wood paneling kits? Equally unique, and we haven't even received our CNC machine yet... (stay tuned!). Triangle glass windows? Same story
Customization and Ongoing Support
Want to add an awning later? A glass window? Attach 2 domes together? Hang your Dome way up in the air? Other creative ideas? We are constantly innovating on products and features, sharing them with our customers, and supporting you straight through from ideation all the way up to the Dome of your dreams!
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We Plant Trees! 

At Phoenix Domes, we care deeply about the planet and creating a business that gives back to nature. That’s why we’re thrilled to share that we’re partnering with One Tree Planted and have made a commitment to plant 100 tree for every dome kit sold! 
Who is OneTreePlanted?
One Tree Planted is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that is on a mission to make it simple for anyone to help the environment by planting trees. Their projects span the globe and are done in partnership with local communities and environmental organizations to create an impact for nature, people, and wildlife.
 Find a Phoenix Dome near you at one of the following successful commercial ventures, or learn more on our Testimonials page!


Fraser Canyon Riverside Domes - Hope, BC -

Single Tree Winery - Abbotsford, BC -

Rising Sol Space - Cowichan Valley, BC -

The Blaeberry Base - Blaeberry, BC -

Ancient Cedars Lodge - Pemberton, BC - 

- - - 


Wild Skies Resort + Event Venue - River Hills, MB -

Ravens Hollow Eco Dome Resort Ltd - Flin Flon, MB -

Esau Geohome - Elm Creek, MB -

Domes in the Orchard - Inwood, MB -

 - - -


 The Yoga Dome - Stevensville, ON -

Bradford Stardome - Bradford, ON -

Birchwood Luxury Camping - Port Perry, ON -

Rustic Retreat Glamping Dome - Port Colborne, ON -

Nature's Harmony Ecolodge - Mattawa, ON - 

- - -


East Coast Hideaway - Scoudouc, NB -

Quisibis Domes - Riviere Verte, NB -

River Run Resort & Grill - Kingsclear, NB -

Cove Dome Glamping - Moncton, NB -

Balsam Ridge Forest Domes - Portage Vale, NB -

 - - -


Natural Resting Point Lakeside Glamping - Mansfield, QC -

Pourvoirie Waban-Aki - La Tuque, QC -

- - -


Island Beach Hideaways - Pomquet, NS -

Sissiboo River Retreat Glamping Adventures - New Edinburgh, NS -

Port Wade Glamping Domes - Port Wade, NS -

Temple of Eden Dome Retreat - Amherst, NS -

Ethos EcoRetreat - Shelburne, NS -

Blysteiner Lake Domes - Pine Grove, NS -

- - -


Riverfront Chalets - Grand Falls-Windsor, NL -

Hare Bay Adventures - Hare Bay, NL -

Elephant's Head RV Park - Trout River, NL -