Testimonials - The Yoga Dome

Stevensville, ON

30’/9m Custom Dome

Diameter: 30'/9m

Center Height: 14.8'/4.5m

Floor Area: 685sqft/64sqm


Interior Oxford Fabric Liner

Reflective Bubble Liner Insulation

Custom Panorama Window

Curtain Kit

Custom Awning


After being forced to close their popular restaurant early on in the pandemic, Ashley and Eric in Stevensville suddenly found themselves with more free time than they'd had in years.

With the ongoing COVID uncertainty around the industry, it wasn't long before Eric suggested making a radical change in their business - putting the restaurant on ice, and opening a yoga studio on their rural 3 acre property!

The Yoga Dome was born.

“When deciding to build a yoga studio, we originally wanted a yurt. That was until we saw a Geodesic Dome. We absolutely fell in love and started researching immediately. It took us an entire year of research, demos & renos to create the space for our Dome to be situated on.

We knew immediately that we wanted to call it The Yoga Dome and we started our social media pages early and had an entire community follow along with our Dome building journey!  Our Grand Opening weekend was November 12th, 2021. We’ve been operating as a studio now for just under 3 months and we’ve already seen hundreds of students from all over our region. Some have even traveled from several hours away just to experience a class in The Yoga Dome!”

"Our space is nurturing and has been carefully placed on our property to showcase our beautiful mature and newly planted trees. We’ve have so many comments from students who feel like The Yoga Dome is a like going on a mini retreat! We love how peoples eyes light up when they walk into the space. Especially when we do yoga classes with StarGazing projectors. Projecting waves and stars onto the fabric of the dome has made for some amazing yoga events.

The Dome is a special place, that’s for sure! We have nothing like it around our area and people are coming from near and far to check it out! We customized our windows to be slightly larger than our original plan and we are so happy that we made that choice! The giant bay window showcases our property and trees magnificently. People are absolutely blown away when walking into our 30ft dome!"

“We searched high and low for the right company. We wanted to deal with a company that was based in Canada. We also connected with the fact that Phoenix Domes was also using domes as yoga studios.

We are beyond impressed with the quality of our Dome! It’s even better than we expected!

We found the installation to be ‘mostly’ easy once we figured out how to understand the directions. We feel, if we had the time, that we could have put our Dome up in one day! However, with work and kids it took us a few days to get it done start to finish.

We absolutely love the heavy duty fabric curtains, as it allows us to keep warmth in when heating the space up and also provides privacy if needed. The space feels so large and in charge and it’s taken on a life of its own! Our Dome feels like it’s become a part of our family now. We love and nurture it and can’t wait to spend all our time in it! It truly is magical!”

"Most visitors are left speechless. Here’s some of our customer reviews. 

'This is such a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. Super unique, the dome at night is like heaven on earth.'

'The space itself is so beautiful, warm and inviting- the perfect place to really dive into your practice.'

'It was a great experience. The dome makes it feel like clouds and when get get so relaxed it's like floating in the sky.'

'The Yoga Dome has magical energy. Ashley Michelle has created the most peaceful and beautiful space for yoga and meditation.'”

Quality of Materials: 10/10

Customer Service: 8/10

Lessons Learned: If you are using a Dome as a ‘service-based business’ in Canadian winter, you need to know that it will be work to maintain the space and the heat! It will be a full time job to keep it heated and clean. It’s a very high maintenance space and requires constant love and attention.

- - -

We'd like to point out that Ashley and Eric are making excellent use of the custom awning to seamlessly marry their coatroom/reception space, as well as recognizing the obvious utility of any Dome as a wraparound projection screen! In closing Ashley just had this to say:

"We love our Dome! Our students love our Dome! It’s an amazing space!" 

- - -
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