Testimonials - The Sissiboo Retreat

New Edinburgh, NS

23’/7m 4-Season Glamping Package Dome

Diameter: 23'/7m

Center Height: 13.6'/4.1m

Floor Area: 395sqft/36sqm

Metal Chimney Flashing Kit

The Sissiboo Goes All In on *FOUR* Glamping Domes! 

They’re got two up and running already, with two more in preparation for launch this summer. Their first 20’ Dome they imported themselves… and were not about to make that mistake again. They went with our 23’/7m 4-Season Glamping Packages after that.

In Sonya’s words, “A Canadian supplier took all the pain away from trying to import ourselves, and also provided the proper certifications required (ie. provincial engineer stamps and fire ratings). The quality is also better than others we have seen from different suppliers.”

“This started off as a pipe dream of doing something together as a family with my brother. We purchased a treed waterfront lot that we developed from scratch - cutting trees, building a road, installing septic, power, a well. We personally with our crew built each dome’s elevated deck and created the inside plans that included a loft for additional space!

We have made our glamping experience easy for our guests by trying to think of everything we possibly can to include in the dome. Guests can literally pack their personal items, food and drinks and we supply the rest, making their experience easy and relaxing. We also built a loft space to create more room - in our Driftwood dome we have a queen bed in the loft, king on the main floor.”

“Our goal is to bring people to our beautiful area that has had some huge economic hits over the past 16+ years with major industries shutting down.  There is so much in this area that people do not even realize - our goal is to partner with other local businesses to provide various package deals - for example, "stay and explore" packages with local whale watch companies or “dine and dome” meal packages with local restaurants. We also use local products as much as we possibly can, from our cleaning products and soaps to the welcome gifts for our guests. Supporting the local economy is a major goal for us.”

Quality of Materials: 10/10
Customer Service: 10/10
Lessons Learned: “Make sure to check out local building regulations. When we started our business this was something new to the local area and to be honest our building inspector did not know how to classify us. We created the rule book, to a point, for building domes in our area. Some of the requirements seem daunting, but don't give up - it is worth it in the end. Purchasing the domes from Freyja was definitely the easiest part of this process!!!”

- - -

Would Sonya recommend taking the leap on similar ventures?

“YES!!! Unique destinations are popular right now and with the pandemic people are staying closer to home. With proper business planning it is a quick return on investment. This has been an amazing experience and we have learned a lot to do and not do.”

Our favourite quote of Sonya’s:

“I would totally live in a dome, and someday when kids are out of the house and retirement is near we may just do that!”

- - -

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