Testimonials - Rustic Retreat Glamping Dome

Port Colborne, ON

23’/7m 4-Season Glamping Package Dome

Diameter: 23'/7m

Center Height: 13.6'/4.1m

Floor Area: 395sqft/36sqm

6-12" Silicone Chimney Flashing Kit


Heather and Jake Adair’s Rustic Retreat Glamping Dome is a wonder to behold. According to one of their recent Airbnb guests,

“Heather and John have completely outdone themselves with this space. Their dome is the epitome of cozy. We were overwhelmed by the surplus of tasteful snacks, drinks, and local pastries provided, and could not be paid enough to take off the plush white robes provided at any point during our stay. Except of course to enjoy the hot tub with a glass of the champagne provided…”

It sounds heavenly to say the least. Rustic Retreat has been open for only about 4 months now, but they’ve already achieved a perfect 5-star rating on 55 reviews. We're not surprised! Heather will take it from here:

“We fell in love with geodomes the second we saw one and knew that our property would be the perfect fit for a dome. We use our Dome as an Airbnb and offer a luxury glamping experience to our guests. We have it located on our property overlooking one of our ponds. Our property backs onto the Wainfleet Bog which is home to lots of wildlife and allows our guests the opportunity to experience it from the comfort of inside our dome.

When researching for a dome, we came across lots of companies that sold them. We spent hours researching them. We reached out to others that had purchased domes and asked lots of questions. We stayed in multiple domes, and contacted some of the owners. One of those being Ashley & Eric from the Yoga Dome located in Stevensville, ON which is not far from us. They were so helpful in sharing their experience with Phoenix Domes, which was a positive experience for them. We also loved that Phoenix was located in Canada, which is one of the many reasons why we chose Phoenix Domes.”

“The quality of our dome is amazing. We recently had a "generational" storm last December with winds reaching 124km/hr and we didn't have any issues or damage to our dome. The customer service we received from Phoenix domes was also a 10/10. They were there to answer all of our questions and were very quick to help us with some of the minor issues we had."

“Our guests always let us know how much they loved staying in our dome. The privacy, the comfort, the Cinderella, and the view. They also enjoy all that our little town of Port Colborne has to offer. The fantastic restaurants, the brewery, and the downtown shopping district. It makes for the perfect getaway, whether that be a romantic getaway, or just a getaway from the hustle and bustle of life.”

We’d be willing to bet that Heather’s on-site RMT massage practice plays nicely into that ‘perfect getaway’ scenario! She was too humble to include it, but if you’re thinking about visiting Rustic Retreat yourself it’s worth noting that Heather has been practicing for 23 years and offers relaxation, therapeutic deep tissue massage, and specializes in cupping therapy and FST (fascial stretch therapy). Her appointments do fill up, so be sure to book well in advance at www.rusticretreatrmt.com!

“We wanted to make sure our guests had the comfort of an indoor bathroom. Trekking outside to an outhouse is NOT FUN not matter what time of year it is. We installed the Cinderella toilet in our dome and it was one of the best things we did. As well, we didn't want to have to worry about our guests having to start a fire the the middle of the night to keep warm so we had a gas fireplace installed for the main source of heat. We have 3 types of heat in the dome to keep our guests toasty warm in the winter and colder months.”

Quality of Materials: 10/10

Customer Service: 10/10

Lessons Learned:

“Renting a dome has lots of pros and cons as does any short term rental. It is a full time job and requires lots of love and hard work. Dome ownership is fun, but it is a journey. It has its challenges and some expenses that we personally overlooked. For us, it was like building a home. We have poured our blood, sweat, tears, heart and soul into our dome.”

Final Thoughts:

“You guys have always been so helpful in answering any questions we've had along the way. If only all companies had customer service like you.”

Well, Heather, if only all Airbnbs had style like yours! ;)

- - -

Website: www.rusticretreatdome.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/rusticretreatglampingdome

Airbnb: www.airbnb.ca/rooms/640956956932882729