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Rivière Verte, NB

23’/7m 4-Season Glamping Package Dome

26’/8m 4-Season Glamping Package Dome

Diameter: 23'/7m - 26'/8m

Center Height: 13.6'/4.1m - 15.4'/4.7m

Floor Area: 395sqft/36sqm - 515sqft/48sqm

Bruno and Roxanne in NB have three Domes up and running, and they’re not slowing down anytime soon. With three more due to start construction in June 2022, their wilderness glamping experiences will doubtless refresh and reconnect hundreds of visitors this year alone. We spoke with Roxanne about her experience thus far:

“Life is so fast, we all need to press pause once in a while and escape to a peaceful place to rest & slow down! This project is our way of giving people the freedom to enjoy the present moment, to relax & unwind in simplicity & comfort.”

Every dome has a private terrace with an electric hot tub, propane BBQ, and a fire pit [WOW!]. We provide a very well equipped kitchen, a full bathroom, soaps, sheets, beddings, towels, board games, mandala coloring books, crossword puzzles & more! They have pretty much all they need for their stay like local coffee, tea, hot chocolate and so much more.”

We wanted to create a unique vibe in every dome so we decided to give them a name and go around that for the decor. That way every dome is different and brings its own experience to the customers. For now we have the Aloha, the Dreamcatcher, & the Moonlight! A lot of the decor items were made by me or some local artists we know.
This area of NB regularly sees lows of down to -30ºC in the winter months, and Bruno took no chances on making sure his Domes are equipped for even the chilliest nights. In addition to our insulation layers, he also spray-foamed the interior and floor of his Dome, as well the walls of the basement area. Each Dome is outfitted with a 12,000 BTU heat pump, in-floor heating, and an additional electric fireplace in the bedroom just in case. An air exchanger provides ventilation, removes humidity, and helps the system efficiently retain heat. Maximum comfort and relaxation through any season, guaranteed.
“With Quisibis Domes, we wanted to create a place for people to reconnect with nature and themselves. We are all worth it & should take time off to take care of ourselves & recharge our batteries!"

 The best part of the experience thus far?

The biggest benefits have to be our clients' comments after living the experience. They want to come back, they want to tell everyone how much they enjoyed the experience, how relaxing it was, & that everyone should do it!

It's the best reward for us & the best publicity for the business.


  Quality of Materials: 7/10
Customer Service: 9/10
Lessons Learned:

The air exchanger is a must no doubt, and a good insulated basement is a game changer too in my opinion. Do your research wisely to fit your needs, climate, location, etc, and to avoid spending money for nothing. Honestly, it was a bumpy ride. A beautiful destination, but be sure you are ready for it! It was a lot of work to figure it all out!

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March provided a trial run for friends and acquaintances, with their opening weekend in early April 2022 🥳

Facebook: www.facebook.com/quisibisdomes

Website: www.quisibisdomes.com

Art by Roxanne: www.facebook.com/heartistbyroxann

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We’ll check back in a little later on for an update on how bookings progress as word gets around town!

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