Ordering Information

Just Starting Out?

Get Familiar

If you've only recently discovered the magic of the geodesic Dome, we highly recommend that you take a look through our Step by Step Guide to Your Dream Dome - where you'll find a brief overview of the relevant design considerations to take into account prior to placing your order, such as platform style, lifts or lofts, custom layouts, insulation ventilation & heating options, etc.

Custom Orders

We're able to customize any of our Domes & Zomes exactly as you'd like them, however this will increase the lead time involved in their production and shipping. All kinds of customizations are possible, such as varying your numbers & locations of windows, doors, zippers, how much of your Dome cover you want opaque vs. transparent, etc. For quick answers regarding specifics, get in touch with us via contact@phoenixdomes.com!


Depending on your intended use of your Dome, legally you may be required to go through the process of permitting it with your municipality. Provincial, state, and local regulations will vary, and are worth looking into in advance.

We can provide complimentary engineer-stamped snow and wind load ratings for AB, BC, NB, NS, and ON for all of our major Dome sizes to assist in the permitting process. We can also generally assist with finding an engineer to perform the relevant studies required for other regions.

Depending on size, our Domes are capable of withstanding between 60-100psf snow load and up to 320km/h winds. These include a safety margin of 4x for human-occupied structures, so you can rest assured that they are more than capable of withstanding whatever adverse weather comes their way. We can also provide fire testing data, as well as stamped plans for exact-fit wooden platforms. 


Ready to Order?

Domestic Shipping & Lead Times

For an accurate shipping quote, simply load up your cart with your chosen selections and put an order through with "Request Quote" selected as your payment method - this will notify us and we'll get back to you via email!
It takes about 12-16 weeks to design, create and deliver your Custom Dome. 
Glamping package Domes are now in-stock in all of our most common sizes and ready to ship! 
The base price of your Dome shown implies pickup from our warehouse in Delta, BC outside Vancouver - additional delivery charges to your location or for door-to-door delivery do apply, and will vary based on size of Dome and geographic proximity.
Please note that the dome crates are rather large and heavy items and may be too big or heavy for lift gates. In this case a forklift will be required to unload or pickup from the nearest depot. 

International Shipping

CAD and USD pricing includes all customs, duties, and brokerage fees.

For international orders, we are able to ship to the nearest international sea port - in most cases for free, with rare exceptions. In these cases, customs and duties will be the buyer's responsibility, as well as arranging brokerage and transport to your Dome's desired location.


Payment Methods & Deposits

We require at least 50% of your final total up front for our glamping package Domes, or a 70% deposit for a Custom Dome, with the remainder due when your dome is ready for pickup or shipping from Vancouver.
We now offer financing plans via our partners at Canadian Financial for those interested! To apply, or for more information, check out our Financing page.
In Canada, we prefer e-transfer or bank transfer whenever possible! Rather than ordering online, do let us know via email if you're okay to keep the credit card companies out of it, and we'll happily send you an invoice via Quickbooks!

Cancellations & Refunds

There is a 10% restocking fee for Glamping Package Domes after your initial deposit is paid if you subsequently decide to cancel your order.
There are no refunds available for Custom Domes after ordering.
Domes cannot be returned once shipped. In the event of a defect, we will do everything we can to help fix or replace anything damaged.
Returns of Add-Ons in saleable condition are acceptable at any time, with a 10% restocking/administrative fee retained and cost of return shipping understood to be the responsibility of the customer.

Dome En Route?

Checking for Loss or Damage During Delivery


When your dome is being delivered, please make sure to check for any damage or missing/loose items right away and note it on the form the driver will ask you to sign. What you should be looking for with different kits is listed below. Make sure to clearly indicate any issues, or even simply potential issues that you may not be certain of. It is far better to indicate a potential problem on the sheet and to figure it out later with our help rather than not do so and miss the opportunity completely.

Without noting problems, we cannot make a claim in the event of damages. Please check your delivery immediately and make sure everything is there and in good shape.


Please check for any holes, tears, rips, damage to the crates or any cardboard boxes, any openings in crates that struts etc could potentially have escaped from, or possible missing items ASAP, before signing the delivery slip.


Unfortunately, we have been subject to negligent carriers refusing our damage claims because these forms have not had the relevant issues noted down at time of delivery.
If you are only reporting damages later, we cannot be held responsible.



Setting Up Your Phoenix Dome

You'll find all of the relevant setup guides & instructions you need on our Resources page!

We also recommend checking out our installation video below in advance of the big day to help familiarize yourself and your team with the process:



Warranty Information

We offer a 5 year warranty for the opaque covers, and 2 years for the clear covers or parts, against UV damage and premature deterioration of our Dome & Zome covers. During this time period, if any seams split or open up by themselves or deterioration occurs to the point of leaks, we will be more than happy to provide you with a complimentary patch kit or replacement parts/ windows via expedited shipping. If the cover is not reparable, we will provide a replacement.