Checking for Loss or Damage

Evaluation During Delivery

When your dome is being delivered, please make sure to check for any damage or missing/loose items right away and note it on the form the driver will ask you to sign. What you should be looking for with different kits is listed below. Make sure to clearly indicate any issues, or even simply potential issues that you may not yet be certain of - it is far better to indicate a potential problem on the sheet and to figure it out later with our help rather than not do so and miss the opportunity completely. 

We suggest taking a "better safe than sorry" approach by noting everything you can, even if you are not sure anything is wrong. If there is ANYTHING at all that appears damaged, open, or any major components missing as per the lists below, you can write something along the lines of "Appears to be damage to 2nd crate from the top" for example, or "Visible crack in crate could have allowed struts to escape in transit," or "Top of crate X is loose, could have items missing." Err on the side of caution - we will work with you later after the fact to confirm whether in fact there was any harm done. 

Without noting problems, we cannot make a claim in the event of damages. Please check your delivery immediately and make sure everything is there and in good shape.

Our standard Dome kits are as follows:

Glamping Package Domes & Zomes

- large frame crate with struts, curtain tracks, and various hardware in a vinyl bag

- large bundle of silver bubble insulation, usually wrapped in thin green bag

- heavy outer cover bundle in vinyl bag

- somewhat less heavy Oxford fabric liner and curtain strut bundles

On the latest version, your outer cover, fabric liner, and curtain will be packaged together in a separate crate. 

Basic Dome Kits

- large frame crate with struts, and various hardware in a vinyl bag

- heavy outer cover bundle in vinyl bag

- if you ordered silver bubble insulation, it will come in a large bundle usually wrapped inside a green bag

- if you ordered an interior Oxford fabric liner, it will usually come inside a mid-size vinyl bag

- any other custom accessories will depend on your particular order


If you ordered any Add-Ons at time of order (or at least more than a couple weeks prior to delivery), such as solar fans or chimney flashing kits, these will most often be included in their own cardboard boxes. This will not always be the case if you've ordered multiples at the same time - with large orders, we will usually ship directly from Phoenix Domes HQ on the west coast in order to use less packaging. Other Add-Ons, such as pipe flashing kits, will never arrive at the same time as the rest of your kit.

Again, if you don't see your accessories, err on the side of caution and note it on the form before signing.

What to Look For:

Please check for any holes, tears, rips, damage to the crates or any cardboard boxes, any openings in crates that struts could potentially have escaped from, or possible missing items based on the lists above ASAP, before signing the delivery slip. 


Unfortunately, we have been subject to negligent carriers refusing our damage claims because these forms have not had the relevant issues noted down at time of delivery.

If you are only reporting damages later, we cannot be held responsible. 

Of course we will replace any missing items due to miscounts during initial order packing.

Feel free to get in touch with us upon the arrival of your items to confirm successful delivery or ask any questions. We can be reached over the phone at 1-888-983-7513, or via email at,, or


Please note that we are discontinuing the metal door frames since we received customer feedback that wooden door frames are more versatile. 
We are going to ship our remaining metal door frames (Value $100) while stock lasts free of charge, and you may use it or decide to go with a wooden frame. 
We will not be responsible for lost or damaged door frames in transit as they are a free bonus.