About Phoenix Domes

Phoenix Domes is based on Phoenix Farm, Salt Spring Island - nestled on the West Coast of beautiful British Columbia, Canada.
Interest in geodesic domes is surging, and Phoenix has become the choice of Canadians from coast to coast thanks to great service, curated quality, and affordable prices. 
Our design team is constantly improving our packages for resorts, Airbnb's, campgrounds and guest accommodation, as well as pioneering new product offerings in order to remain the Canadian leader in the space. One of our greatest goals is to help support home and business owners' profitable expansion into the wonderful world of glamping - enabling savvy Canadians to earn extra income on their property.
Our glamping packages are quickly becoming a favourite of the tiny-dome-home movement for residential use as well - many have found freedom in a low-cost, quick-built, cozy residence they can actually own.  Phoenix Domes was a natural leader of the tiny dome movement on the West Coast, which is now making waves and radiating out all across the country. 
Freyja built her first Dome in 2016... from scratch. Flattening conduit piping with a floor jack against a trailer hitch, it took a month of hard work and endless troubleshooting, but finally there it was! Her 32' dream was erected as a summer living space and aerial arts studio. Great celebration ensued, but the good times didn't last.
After only a few months, her first makeshift boat wrap Dome cover blew apart in the wind and sun. Freyja knew her only option was to find a professional company to work with on custom manufacturing a new one. A bright and beautiful new business partnership began to bloom...
5 years later, Phoenix Domes has become western Canada's first and best distributor of geodesic domes for events, backyards, housing, and glamping!
If you'd like to get a feel for the Dome life, we invite you to come and check out our demo Domes on Phoenix Farm!
You can reach us via contact@phoenixdomes.com to set up a tour.
For our friends on the East Coast, stay tuned... more locations coming soon!
“Domes are the strongest, lightest and most efficient means of enclosing space yet known to man.”
— R. Buckminster Fuller
Geodesic domes are composed of inter-connected triangles that lend superior structural strength. Father of the modern geodesic dome, Buckminster ‘Bucky’ Fuller, demonstrated the difference in strength between rectangles and triangles by applying pressure to both structures… the triangle proved to be twice as strong and remained rigid, while the unstable rectangle collapsed.
Buckminster Fuller won an award from the American Architectural Society for inventing the strongest structure known to man.
Phoenix is proud to be a member of the BC Lodging and Campgrounds Association!