Collection: Add-Ons

Customize your Dome or Zome with various additional options!
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You can specify the number position and size of many Add-Ons such as doors, vents, windows, etc. Highly unique customizations are possible, such as the entire lower row of your cover being transparent in order to allow for growing plants around the perimeter, as one example.
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  • Zero Infrared Heaters
    Zero Infrared Heaters 3200W 220V With Remote Control
    Regular price
    From $450.00 CAD to $700.00 CAD
  • Solar Fan
    Solar Fan Add-On
    Regular price
    $450.00 CAD
  • Hanging Chairs
    Hanging Chairs
    Regular price
    $130.00 CAD
  • Metal Chimney Flashing Kit
    Metal Chimney Flashing Kit Add-On
    Regular price
    $330.00 CAD
  • Silicone Chimney/Pipe Flashing
    Silicone Chimney/pipe Flashing 6-12 High Temp Add-On
    Regular price
    From $100.00 CAD to $250.00 CAD
  • Triangle Glass Window
    Triangle Glass Window
    Regular price
    From $500.00 CAD to $600.00 CAD
  • Interior Wood Paneling Kit
    Interior Wood Paneling Kit
    Regular price
    $0.00 CAD
  • Interior Oxford Fabric Liner
    Interior Oxford Fabric Liner Add-On
    Regular price
    From $800.00 CAD to $5,000.00 CAD