Affiliate Program

Become a Phoenix Domes Affiliate!

We are offering all our existing customers who have purchased a dome a 5% affiliate commissions on referrals. This way you can make some money showing off your dome(s) and talking it up to your friends, family and customers!

There are a few guidelines that apply:

  • The customer must not have previously contacted or been contacted by Phoenix Domes
  • The customer or affiliate must let us know that there is a referral in place at the start of the sales conversation (before first estimate is sent) - so if you have talked to someone who might be interested in a dome, just send us a note letting us know their name, and ask them to mention that they have been referred by you when they reach out to us. You can also copy Phoenix Domes and the potential customer in an introductory email. 
  • Once the sale has closed, we will need you to invoice us for the commission payout to keep it clear for the books. If you do not have your own invoice template, we can send you one to fill out.
  • We will pay out the commission within no more than 14 days of closing the referred sale

If you are showing your domes(s) to a customer who is already in contact with Phoenix Domes and would like to see a dome in person before making a decision, we are offering a commission in the value of 1 nightly rental of your dome if they decide to buy after viewing it. If you do not rent your dome, we will offer you the equivalent of what the average nightly rental rate would be for a dome of that size and setup. (usually, these range from $150-350 though it can be more for super luxury domes)

If you are not an existing customer, but are interested in becoming an affiliate based on other things you do (blogger, travel writer, social media influencer, construction company, contractor, seller of related products...)  please contact us so we can review your portfolio and set you up as an affiliate in our system.