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Replacement Outer Cover

Replacement Outer Cover

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Our resilient 850g/sqm PVC covers are 100% waterproof, flame retardant, and capable of thriving in temperatures from -45 to +70°C. Panorama windows and other clear PVC are only slightly less substantial at 650g/sqm. 

While they are incredibly hardy, if after many years in the elements you find your cover in need of replacement, look no further!


We estimate the working lifetime of our covers at a minimum of 10 years with proper maintenance. Many issues can be fixed quickly and easily with one of our Outer Cover Patch Kits prior to full replacement.

Annual pressure washing is recommended in order to prevent biological degradation and maintain outer appearance.


Prices indicated reflect replacement covers in our standard white. Desert Beige, Sage Green, or any other colours are available for slightly more. You can reach us at for specific price quotes on alternate colours!

Replacement covers are custom orders and will entail a lead time of ~8 weeks.

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