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Interior Oxford Fabric Liner

Interior Oxford Fabric Liner

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For cold-weather use, you'll want to include all the insulation layers you can. Winterizing your dome starts with our reflective bubble wrap insulation (sold separately), which is pulled over your frame and followed by the outer PVC cover.


Inside the dome itself, we recommend this decorative and functional interior layer as well - it's made of a light beige, outdoor grade, mildew-resistant Oxford fabric. This layer is suspended from star-shaped hubs on the inside, leaving your dome with a clean and polished finish, as well as providing an additional air gap. It comes in multiple separate sections so that each section can be taken down and machine washed occasionally when necessary - these sections will fit in any standard washer/dryer. Each set now includes an additional liner piece for covering over the central skylight when desired. 


This Kit Includes:

- Modular Oxford liner pieces incl. optional central skylight cover piece

- White acorn caps for fastening each piece in place

- White/clear plastic clips for securing liner pieces to struts around windows and creating a clean finish


It is also possible to spray foam the interior of your dome for a much higher R-value, and still use the Oxford liner as your final finishing layer overtop. 

This price includes shipping to Vancouver or your nearest sea port if ordered alongside a Custom Dome. If ordered separately, please inquire about shipping charges.

Please note that a 10-12 week lead time applies for a liner set if not ordered together with a dome or glamping package. 

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