Greenhouse Dome
Greenhouse Dome Summer
Happy Plants In Dome Greenhouse
Happy Plants In Dome Greenhouse.
Greenhouse Dome
Phoenix Greenhouse Dome
Greenhouse Dome
Greenhouse Dome Outside
Happy Plants In Dome Greenhouse
Phoenix Happy Plants In Dome Greenhouse
Happy Plants In Dome
Plants In Dome Greenhouse
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Greenhouse Dome

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Grow lots of healthy food in a gorgeous geodesic dome Greenhouse! 

Never worry about wind and snow wrecking your greenhouse again. The high ceilings and many strong hubs make it ideal for tall plants or climbing plants such as cucumbers, beans, tomatoes, citrus, ... 

The dome shape is very energy efficient and keeps heat loss to a minimum. 

2 mesh sections with removable clear cover and 3 opening triangle vents at the top assure proper airflow. Recommendation: install automatic greenhouse vent openers at the top for automatic temperature control. 

Anchoring feet included. 

A stunning addition to your property.

Available in any of our regular Dome sizes. Comes with zipper door or framed door attachment to install your own door. 

Please inquire for frame upgrades for high snow loads if needed.