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8m geodesic dome
4 Season Glamping Package - 26'/8m
4 Season Glamping Package - 26'/8m
Snow 8m dome
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4 Season Glamping Package - 26'/8m

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4 Season Glamping Package Geodesic domes

To make it easier for our customers, we put together a glamping package with all of the best features we recommend in a functional layout. See diagram for layout. 

26' diameter, center height 1qft. 6', 540 sqft

This dome comes with:

  • Powder Coated Steel Frame and heavy duty PVC cover
  • reflective bubble wrap insulation
  • inside fabric layer for added insulation and a high-end finish
  • door frame attachment bars (get your own 36x80" pre-hung door)
  • 2 triangle vents with clear flap and removable mosquito screen for light and airflow
  • Top Clear skylight with removable insulation cover
  • chimney support plate (flashing sold separately to match the chimney size - pellet or wood stove)
  • Curtain track, sliders and heavy curtain


Frame info: 

For permitting purposes, please select a frame size that corresponds to the snow load requirements for your area.

Please note that regulations require a safety factor of 4-6 times the maximum snow load you will ever experience, so if you are not planning to permit your dome, you will realistically be able to get a way with a much lighter frame size without running into any problems. 

Light frame - 26mm/1" tubing is rated for 20 psf snow load and 30 mph/50 kmh Wind 

Medium frame - 32mm/1 1/4" tubing is rated for 80 psf snow load and 150 mph/240 kmh Wind 

Heavy Duty frame - 38mm/1 1/2" tubing is rated for 120 psf snow load and 200 mph/300 kmh Wind