Dome Lifestyle Testimonials

Read about the experience of dome-dwellers who found freedom in geodesic home ownership, and businesses who found success through geodesic customer experience.

Tovel's Dome Home Experience

"The dome has been my new home since this Fall. I feel so grateful for this simple sanctuary. It’s spherical geometry is very refreshing in contrast to the boxes we are so used to. I find this circular floor plan offers many more variations and room for optimizations in home decor. It’s been a pleasure to get settled in – seeing all my things find their places. I had some concerns and fears of cold winter. Past experiences have me now valuing warmth as priority. To my surprise, the dome heats quickly and easily when the fire is lit. I use no supplemental electrical heat & I feel very cozy. The structure feels light and strong. I appreciate the high ceilings for juggling and training with gymnastic rings."

- Tovel Boucher, Vancouver Island, BC

Native Shoes - Pop-up Showroom in a Dome

"We set up a 20' Phoenix Dome at Big White Ski Resort, in BC, for Native Shoes to have a lounge to create brand awareness during the Snowboard Cross World Cup. The Dome was super cozy in the snow and a lovely lounge space!  We had a clear vision of what we wanted our event activation to look like, and we were thrilled to have worked with Phoenix Domes to make our vision come to life.  While it takes a bit of effort and time to set up, the geodesic dome was the highlight of our activation and provided a beautiful space to showcase our product and brand."

- Ariella Fong, Purpose Experience Coordinator, Native Shoes

Glamping: a huge hit in New Brunswick

"We did have a big wait-list before opening the domes! The public was very eager to book with us, and the loft seems to be a huge hit. The guests are really pleased to have two beds in the dome, and the loft gives them some privacy.

We also have a bathroom equipped with a shower, sink, and toilet (and a door) in each dome that the guests appreciate.   The kitchen has a bar sink, coffee maker, hot plate, microwave, and mini-fridge available, as well as pots & pans, dishes, and dish towels. We have also added a BBQ outside each dome for guest use.  

Overall the response thus far has been overwhelmingly positive. The guests love looking out the window at the forest (and the private hot tub on each deck), and having the amenities of a hotel in a camping environment."

- Gloria, manager at River Run Resort & Grill (New Brunswick)

Orrin's Testimonial

"Beyond All Expectations" is what Freyja and her crew delivered. Very shortly before my sons graduation I learned of the geodesic domes and the wonderful individuals who could get us set up with one on our property. After visiting Phoenix farms I left feeling absolutely sure That I made the right decision by contacting these wonderful people. We were holding a small graduation party for my son and a few of his friends so we needed accommodations for them all. Knowing I had very little time to set up for the party Freyja and 3 of her associates delivered and set up probably the coolest structure I’ve ever seen in a time frame that completely suited our needs. 4 kids all slept on hammock around the outer wall of the dome and in the middle on the floor they had ample room to lay on blankets and watch a movie projected into to the hexagonal middle of the ceiling . I would recommend Phoenix Domes to anyone who wants to camp in luxury. We will be working with them in the future most definitely. Thank you for everything!!!

- Orrin, Vancouver Island, BC

This slideshow will give you an idea of Anja and Thomas' setup process!

Anja and Thomas' Dome Home Experience

"We decided to buy a dome (20'/300sqft.), because the prices for housing are crazy expensive in the place we live. We were lucky enough to find a piece of land where we could build the dome and have electricity, a septic tank and water. This allows us to live in the dome all year round. First we prepared the ground by making it perfectly flat and spreading out a 4 inch layer of gravel. After that, we laid down a thick plastic cover on the gravel in order to build the dome on it and lock out the moisture from underneath. Building the dome was pretty straight forward. We were 3 persons and it took us about 2 days. Building the structure was easy (about 4 hours), but installing the covering layers was tricky. We would recommend 4-5 persons to help pull over the outer cover. After the dome was set, we installed a wooden floor, a wood stove and a kitchen. Everyone who considers living in the dome all year round, should install a wood stove and a proper fan in order to have a nice room climate and keep the moisture out. If you do not control the moisture, you will probably have problems with mould! After living in our dome for 4 months, we can definitely say that it was the right decision to buy it. The quality of the materials and the manufacturing are excellent. Not to mention the excellent and friendly customer service provided. We would definitely recommend Phoenix Domes!"

Anja Valentin, Gulf Islands, BC