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Brandon Blades - A Journey Back Home


PEBs By the Sea, Cape Sable Island, Nova Scotia

Deep Connections

For Brandon Blades, a Phoenix Dome represented far more than a unique rental space option. It was the bridge that brought him back to his roots. After losing his beloved mother to cancer in 2021, Brandon decided to return to his childhood home where his dad had been living, in Cape Sable Island, Nova Scotia. His story is a heartfelt one, a tale of reconnection and new beginnings. PEBs is short for Brandon’s late mother, Prudence Elizabeth Blades. Brandon & his dad decided to   make this memorial space in her honor.
Once back, Brandon and his dad decided to share their picturesque property with travelers from around the world. They built one of our 6m/20’ glamping domes out back, setting the stage for a remarkable journey, providing a unique Airbnb experience for those to come.

Unique Design Choices for a Personal Touch

In keeping with the camping vibe, Brandon chose to install the bathroom and shower space outside of the Dome. He also went above and beyond creating a beautiful outdoor kitchen area that doubles as a home theatre and sports room. It's all about making their guests' experience one-of-a-kind, providing luxury amenities that stand out from similar spaces.

Views, Views, Views!

PEBs by the Sea is located at the Most Southern Point of Nova Scotia and is a haven for nature enthusiasts. When you stay in this dome, you can witness the magic of vivid sunrises and mesmerizing sunsets over the Atlantic Ocean, explore pristine white sand islands and encounter the local wildlife, including deer and rabbits, often seen peering through the panoramic window. PEBs by the Sea offers a slice of paradise like no other, where nature's beauty takes center stage.

“★ ★ ★ ★ ★” - Everyone

You can read here what the crowd says about Brandon’s space:
“Awesome spot. Very unique experience. Great host. Would return for sure. Thanks, Brandon!”
“One of the most amazing properties we've ever visited. Brandon was a great host, and the view was unbeatable.”
“Seriously the experience of a lifetime! The dome is located in a breathtaking spot and is extremely peaceful. Brandon was an awesome host and I highly recommend a stay.”
Brandon’s Geodesic Dome venture has proven to be incredibly successful and honours the memory of his beloved mom. Hats OFF to Brandon and his father for this beautiful space.

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